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No-Swatch Le Slouch
Tasty Drive-Thru
School Spirit for Pre- Pre- Schooler
Another Drive-Thru
Le Slouch a la Lovely Lola
A Knitting Mom's Boogie Time
The Ninja Drive-Thru
Dimsum Drive-Thru
School Spirit Sweater for One of the Things
Beth's Drive-Thru
Jane's Le Slouch
Last-Minute Kiss
Le Slouch a la Autoscopia
Jackie's Dream Roll (Swatch)
Now, This Kid Knows How to Wear a Beret...
Stefanie's Fad-Classic
Gay's Drive-Thru
Drive-Thru for Her Little Boy
Melanie's Sizzle-n!
Trish's Le' Slouch
Gina's Drive-Thru
Felicia's Sizzle
Angela's Fad Classic
Something Red by Rachael
Sarah's Sizzle
Marilyn's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan by Gay
Lisa's Somewhat Cowl
Girlfriend Swing Coat for Sylvie
Girlie's Swing Coat
Take a Deep Breath Before you Look!
Cheap and Cheerful Halter
The Fad Classic (By Emily)
Julia's Last-Minute "Purled" Beret
Martha's Essential Stripe
Swing Coat Times Two (Talk about a Corny Name I Just Came up with)
Cap-Sleeve Sahara
Eliz's Dream Swatch a la Sock Yarn