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King Cole and Le Slouch Meet in Scotland

King Cole and Le Slouch Meet in Scotland

Kathryn knitted hers with the King Cole Anti-Tickle Merino in Bluebell. I like how they tell it like it is, those King Cole people. If only yarn labels came with warnings like that. Consider if a yarn came with a label that said: Such-and-Such Yarn, Non-Stinky Version. Oh wow. Would my life become more fun and all the way funnier. Think of the comedic opportunities:

1. Rowan Summer Tweed: "El Stinko-Break-o, Don't Bother with this Yarn Unless you Like to Droop in the Breast Region."

2. (whoops. Better stop here. Wouldn't want the yarnmakers to ban me.)

Kathryn knits in Scotland and I'm happy to see her lovely le Slouch. She's beautiful, too.