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She's Got Some Funky-Cool Glasses

She's Got Some Funky-Cool Glasses

I can't take my eyes off of her glasses. I guess I have this thing about glasses, having to wear them, but whoa. I want those.

Anyway, Janessa, she knit up a Flair in no time flat, I'm thinking, because the pattern just came out a couple weeks ago. But still, it looks great on her in a retro-ish way and I love the WOW buttons. She said she added an extra button and I'm not surprised. When I knit the sample I had this nagging feeling that people would need to add an extra one, but I guess in the end I just trust that you guys would do what you think is right, anyway.

So there.

Janessa knit hers in the Blue Sky Cotton, color: Mediterrainian. (Gee, I hope I spelled it right.)