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Posh Dreamswatch

Posh Dreamswatch

Kaity, Kaity, Kaity. Kaity is probably my favorite person under 30.

She knits. She knits (but she doesn't drive: Kaity, have you tried out for your driver's license yet? You need it! You must drive so you can drive over that wavy hill and babysit Girlfriend! Because if you don't do it soon, you'll be married or something crazy like that or run off to some other country like England or maybe New York City and not need to drive at all.)

Anyway. She knit her Dreamswatch in Posh yarn (cashmere). I gave it to her for her 18th birthday...TWO full years after her "Okay-To-Drive" Age. Kaity! Learn to drive and come knock on our door! Come visit. Drive over that wavy hill (so I don't have to. I'm too scared. It's really, really curvy and steep.)