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Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater

Girlfriend's School Spirit Sweater

It's a good thing I spent a few months on a pep squad a million years ago, otherwise I wouldn't have known that the whole cheerleading thing is totally overrated. At least for us lesser peppy gals. Of course, a little pep is fun. A little cheer is good, too. But too much pep, and I'm outta here.

I can see this number knitted up in all sorts of color combinations. It'll be good for little boys, too. I put three stripes on the right arm of the sweater because Girlfriend just turned three.

This School Spirit Sweater was knit with four balls of that Hand Knits Kora I found on Some good substitutes would be Rowan's All Season Cotton and Lion Brand Cotton Ease, if you still have some in your stash.

Pattern should be available soon.

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