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Blue Sky Alpacas Pleated Skirt

Blue Sky Alpacas Pleated Skirt

I remember saying that the knitted skirt is the biggest no-no known to man.

I take back what I said.

I take back what I said if you knit the skirt in an extremely tight gauge, because it won't be so prone to stretch as a loosely knitted skirt. And honestly, who'd wear a loosely knitted skirt, anyway?

Still. This skirt. It's great. It took me all summer, but it shouldn't have. When I sit and think about the actual number of days it took me to knit it, I'd say it took me three days for the front and three days for the back. I added short rows just above the hip on the back for good measure, because I didn't want it to ride up. has the pattern. It's by Blue Sky Alpacas. I used the suggested yarn, the Alpaca Sportweight and I knit the size medium. I used about 6 skeins. The skirt is great.

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