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Simple Things Shawlette

Simple Things Shawlette

This Simple Things Shawlette is one of those things that, even though you may not be a shawlette wear-er, you'll love to knit and very likely enjoy wearing, too.

It's a quick knit, despite the look of it. Sheesh, I thought it would take me at least a week, and even though I've been in full Avoid-Knitting-for-Work mode these days, I'd still call this a quick knit.

Made with Pagewood Farms Aleska in a red color (don't have the name, but it's practically their only red), I call this a winner, first, because the pattern is simple and easy to follow, and if you really wanted to, you could buy yourself an extra skein and make it bigger without thinking too much. Not to call this a "simple" pattern for "simple" people, but those of you who get my drift will appreciate my drift.

A total winner. Get the pattern here:

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