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Rebecca Top with Lace Pattern

Rebecca Top with Lace Pattern

This is from Rebecca No. 29 and in GGH Safari, four skeins total. And when I say "total," I mean everything but about 2 yards. I knitted the smallest size, but that is only because I don't want to fork out $9.50 for another ball of yarn.

This is the thing: It was a really fun thing to knit. The Safari is a hoot. Kind of like string, really, not a yarn. But it isn't particularly flattering unless you tug it this way and that. But it's a winner anyway, more because I had fun knitting it and the color is great.

Don't know that I'll be wearing it all that much (it adds pounds), but this would be great as a cover-up by the pool. If you go to the pool. Or the beach or anywhere other than your own backyard or to the park or to McDonald's or to your dermatologist to get moles removed.

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