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Quick and Dirty Avery Allison Socks

Quick and Dirty Avery Allison Socks

There's nothing better than slipping on a brand new, freshly knit pair of socks and then slipping them into your brand new Fat Baby boots. Never mind you can't get your heel all the way without shoving it in with a super slippery shoe horn, grunting along the way, but those socks and boots: You just can't believe the joy.

Sock yarn in DK weight is from Boots from Shoe horn? Go find your own.

I cast on 44 sts with the color, Fern, and worked 1x1 ribbing for about an inch and a half. Then I switched to stockinette and worked for an additional three inches or so. Then, I changed to a contrast color (Iris) and worked a short row heel (find instructions on the net or in your favorite sock book). After that was done, I changed back to the main color and worked the sock to about one and a half inches before the end of my foot and changed back to the contrast color and worked a toe. Voila!

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