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Glampyre's Bulky Mini Cardigan

Glampyre's Bulky Mini Cardigan

Oh forget about the linebacker thing I'm hearing about bulky knits. The last time I knew, and I mean, really knew a real linebacker, I noticed he was wearing Levi's with a label that said: "W 29 L 36." Shoot, I don't even wear a 29-inch pair of Levi's.

Well, they'll fit; but I won't be smiling.

So, don't be talking to me about bulky yarn and how it adds weight. Yeah, well, maybe it does, if you're Mickey Rooney. But this thing here is spunky! It's funky! And a fun knit, too!

Who could resist a quick knit like this? We're talkin' three skeins of Nashua Equinox Stripe plus an odd ball of that Rowan Polar stuff.

Instant cardigan my friends...Instant cardigan.

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