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Maggie from Rowan No. 31

Maggie from Rowan No. 31

A few months ago, I said that I would never knit with mohair again, but is silk and some sort of goat hair the same thing? Well, I saw this Maggie from Rowan No. 31 and decided that I'd go back on my promise and hope for the best.

Truth be told, if I hadn't added an inch or two, this thing would be a bra. So take note. Add an inch or two. Or three, if you are so inclined. Or if you have big boobs. Or are tall, like over 5'4". Trust me: Add an inch or two.

Knit with five skeins of an Italian Kidsilk Haze Knock-off (Kid Seta, Madil) in a merry, merry green color, this Maggie is cool. You can get the pattern from the Rowan web site for about two bucks. And if you buy the knock-off yarn, you can save...oh, about 15 bucks.

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