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Charade Socks

Charade Socks

I made these out of the Cherry Tree Hill Superwash in "Water" for a new guy-friend's 82-year old mom. The yarn in the background is meant for another pair of Charade's for him, but I don't know what color to use. If I could stand to listen to *more* Elivs Presley, I'd wander out in the backyard and ask my husband what he thinks, but ever since the 30th anniversary of his death (Elvis'), I've had more than my fair share of "Teddy Bear," "Blue Suede Shoes," and that one song that starts out with: "Wise men say, 'Only fools rush in' . . . " blasting on the old i-pod with cigar smoke floating everywhere, and frankly, I can't take it anymore. I mean honestly, you could offer me a gin and tonic in some sort of crazy rocks glass, the kind with a gold owl painted on it just like my favorite drinks glass, the one that broke last week, and I still wouldn't make the trek out there.

But these Charade's are cool. In a subtle variegated, the texture sort of blends in. The ones I will make for my guy-friend will be solid and part of me wants to choose the lighter of the two colors so we can see the texture even more.

You can find the Charade pattern for free at:

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