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Lovely Leaf Lace Skirt

Lovely Leaf Lace Skirt

There are so many reasons to NOT knit a skirt. Among them: Droopy Bottom Syndrome, Random but Often Shreeks of: "I Can See Your Panties!" and the ever popular query: "Did you Knit that Yourself?"

Yeah, I know. I used to warn the folks about knitting a skirt, but after one huge loser and a couple of winners, I'm beginning to understand what makes a good knitted skirt. First, the fiber needs to have some flex but not a lot of "stretch." The fabric needs to be fairly dense yet have drape and breathability (no one likes it when their thighs stick together), and last, it needs to look good.

Enter the Lovely Leaf Lace Skirt by HempforKnitting in Allhemp6, pumpkin. Hemp takes some work to knit with, so you need to knit with it in short bursts, but man, this stuff is cool. And I like the skirt, too.

Find the pattern and yarn at, or Google HempforKnitting and you'll find what you need.

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