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July 12, 2017



You're bringing more needles though, right? For if one breaks or bends? Although maybe you shouldn't take packing advise from someone who has an emergency spindle with her at all times.


Only two? I think you're being very restrained. Have a great trip!


Have fun!


Girl, there is no way I'd go camping for a week and only take one skein of yarn--even if I were backpacking!

P.S. Backpacking for a week? Never happen.


Have fun! Wish i liked knitting socks, such a small amount to pack. But hats work, too!


I went to Camp for 5 days this year. I took the sock in progress (only had one toe cast on) and one sock cake for Next, but my aunt had promised me that there was yarn she would be giving me from her neighbor. This donated yarn is for cat blankets I knit or crochet for animal shelters. She said it was a lot. It was three full-sized trash bags full of yarn (crappy acrylic, perfect for cat beds). I also hit a yarn shop on the way and bought another proto-sock.

I knit a total of One sock (cast on and knit the toe of the second sock of the first pair). But the trip would not have felt right without having yarn!


I love knitting while camping, being outdoors and lounging and pulling out knitting is so relaxing and enjoyable. I think you should take the extra skein if it makes you feel more prepared and like you said, you never know if you will need more yarn because you knitted so fast. Hope you have a fun trip! I can't wait to go camping in August :)


Off topic; I wanted to ask if you might share your favorite dress form for trying on sweaters as you knit them? Thank
You :)

Ros Ritchie

Glad it's not just me, then! Happy camping:-)

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