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June 02, 2017



Yes, makers gonna make! My friend told me yesterday that she had trouble using her hands while pregnant and I was so sad to think that might happen to me if I get pregnant! What'll I do with my hands???

Di Ross

Welcome back so nice to read your blog post. Hope you get back to normal soon. Love your embroidery.


Yay! So glad you are better. I know exactly what you mean about having to create every day. I, too, tried to knit the day after surgery. Crazy, but also totally supported by my surgeon. Love the embroidery.


Yay on the making of things and feeling better! YAY!

(boo on the second surgery, but if it helps, good)


Nice to see you...love the samplers! And I've always wondered about those needles...glad to hear they do make a difference!


There are also hexagonal needles shaped like a pencil and made out of wood that I have heard great things about and might be worth considering as an alternate switch-off to the Kollage as some fibers work better with wood. I've heard they are pricey but our hand-health is worth it, isn't it? And you might be able to write them off as a business expenditure. I just checked the Internet because I couldn't remember the original source and i think they are called Indian Lake Artisans and are hand-made by a husband and wife team. I too love linen and although not as springy as wool, has never been a real issue for me. So glad your problem has a solution even though it is not as quick a fix as you would like it to be.


Meant to add: So Glad to hear your voice again, Wendy.


Wendy, glad you are recovering and finding another way to use your hands.

I took a mini class from Carson Demers at Madrona in Feb. It was eye opening. Check out his forthcoming book on ergonomics of knitting. Good stuff!


Best to you!


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