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April 19, 2017



I had orthoscopic carpal tunnel surgery on my right (dominate) hand years ago now. I was off work one week and could write reasonably well when I returned to work. I could also type for limited periods.

Best part? The pain post surgery was nothing like the torture of the nerve pain and numbness before.

Best of luck! I wish you the same easy, speedy recovery I had.


Good luck with your surgery! We'll be rooting for you!


Very best of luck with the surgery. I'm sure you'll be back in shape soon.

And thank you for the laugh today. Nicknames...


Good luck with surgery! I moved to Germany in January for 7 months. I couldn't pack much yarn and figured I would buy plenty here, so I only brought the essentials. As soon as I read your first sentence I realized that you had literally described the only yarn I brought: a sock in progress, another sock in progress whose mate was already knit, and a ball of sock yarn for next. Socks4ever! :)

Judy Bushey

Good luck with your surgery. I've really enjoyed all of your books and knitting your designs.


Mojo for fast healing and successful surgery!

I always have a sock in progress in the car, and one in progress in a bag to grab and go anywhere I think I may need to sit or just have something in my hands. And sometimes, I just leave a sock in progress in the living room. (There's always knitting in progress in the living room by the TV. It may not be a sock. Right now, it's a vest and a shawl, and a ball of yarn waiting for a pattern)

Marjorie McLaren

Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! While not a sock knitter, I am a hat knitter (mostly chemo hats) and have to have at least one project on the needles, another ready in case I finish the first early, and a third in the wings!


I, too, have had carpal tunnel surgery in my dominant hand. It took a while to recover but I have been knitting pain free in that hand for many years. I wish you the best and hope that all your aches can be dealt with.

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