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August 28, 2016



Pink is my one of the favorite color. And sweater is good on you. :)


Love the vest and colors!
and off topic - really LOVE your boots!!!
would you share what brand they are? so nice with the round toe and flat sole...


LOVE the colors on you. I don't think it gets muddy at all. It's perfect, and just right for SoCal. I've been wanting to go to Rhinebeck for about ten years. Please take lots of pics and post about it after. Can't ever get enough pictures to enjoy it vicariously!


Leslie, the boots are Fat Babies by Ariat. I have three pair. These are well worn and sort of torn up. Rocko chewed on the top part but I still wear them!


thank you Wendy for the boot info :-)


I tried knitting a fair isle-ish sweater vest when I first started knitting and got overwhelmed. I think I want to try again because I love them so...so much. Yours looks great!


I, too, love your color choices. If you ever have a spare moment, I would love to know your selections. Thanks for sharing.

Princess Di

Love the vest! Rhinebeck! WOW! Someday.....

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