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April 12, 2016



Joy is important, and to have a gift fall apart from being loved to pieces is a good thing too! My cherished granny square afghan from my Grandmother is holding up well--I was given the leftover yarn when they cleaned out her house, so repairs have been made. The small amount of felting due to a partial wool content is helping it stay together better than an acrylic afghan I made with many years less wear.


Yes! YES! They just don't understand while I put the cashmere swing coat on time out for awhile. I want it to LAST.

Amy C

Oh yes! I love the making so much. (I also do like finishing, not going to lie, but it's rare that I love something obsessively after I finish it. I'm almost always happy to give it away.)
I made an afghan with a little weaving square, square after square, using wool I inherited from my aunt, delicious jewel colors from Rowan. Those squares have to be one of the most enjoyable projects ever.


I hear you and agree totally! It's like a joyride you never thought would end. All the fun is in the journey.

The squares are really interesting in their construction, how did you do them?

Amy C

I used a Weavette loom (little square wooden thing with many nails around the edges) in two sizes so I made bigger squares (4") and smaller ones (2"). it was kind of hypnotic and addictive. The finished afghan needs a backing to be sturdy enough for general use, so it's in the thinking corner while I work out just how to do that without ruining the overall beauty. (It's been there for a couple of years now) is


Yep. I get it. It's like the end of a really good book.

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