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February 22, 2016



Least favorite travel minutes: losing track of my husband in the Shotover River in NZ after our guide intentionally flipped the raft, then getting screamed at by same guide for not rescuing the bail bucket.

Pat Hill

My least favorite trip: I was about 13 years old and was travelling from Detroit, where we lived with my mother, to New York City, to visit my father. My older brother (14 at the time), my younger brother (6 years old) and I were riding to New York on a Greyhound bus, a 14 hour trip. The worse part of the trip was not that my younger brother threw up on me halfway through the trip, but that someone asked me if he was my son!


Least favorite trip: ski condo in Vermont for Thanksgiving. We all got the stomach flu...8 very sick people, 2 bathrooms...


Favorite trip was my trip 2 years ago when I finally got to tour Scotland. I can't wait to go back and see more.

Least favorite was a church ski trip in the 80's that rivals your Mexico trip. No death, but rape, vomiting, broken limbs, and despair. I don't ski anymore.


My least favorite trip was one when I was a kid, we went camping and it rained the whole time, and it was very uncomfortable trying to sleep in a wet tent at night! My favorite trip was going to Canada for a week with my best friend and her family, we had fun trying to speak french in the local towns.


It's a toss up for my favorite: 5 months in Peru during college or my trip to Babyland General Hospital when I was 8 to see where Cabbage Patch Kids were born. Coincidentally, the worst adventure is also a toss up: pop-up trailer camping through the Dakotas at 15 or the trip to Florida with my friend who's mom turned out to be straight up nuts in late high school.


I took a trip to Japan where I was totally freaked out by the food (what the heck was I eating!?) and the people with whom I couldn't communicate. The last straw was when an older man approached me and said, in very broken English, "American?" and when I said yes he made a motion like he was using a bayonet to stab me. Good times.

Mary Beth

My best trip was to Maine a few years ago ... my husband and I rented a little cabin in the middle of nowhere, and it was so peaceful!


What is it about trains? We took the AutoTrain to Florida and back. Between trying to sleep amid slamming doors that couldn't stay latched shut, the very talkative couple behind us who had insomnia apparently, and my daughter developing swine flu and living in the bathroom...

Well, let's just say I still shudder. But now I am grateful there were no decapitations.


My favorite adventure was to Russia during their constitutional crisis in 93. I especially enjoyed using chewing gum to bribe our way into the Kremlin museum.

Mary Ellen Kirkendall

I love to camp, but it is surprisingly annoying to be trapped in your tent in the morning because a bison is lounging about just outside the door. You have to wait; you can't hurry them. They are both cranky and fast moving.


Least favorite adventure: sailing into a full-blown storm going into the Bahamas. My husband was at the helm, and our other "sailing" friends were too chicken to go up and help pull down the sail. I was holding on for dear life with one hand and yanking the sail with the other hand.

Michele Ritan

Best trip so far: Olympic National Park. Also: the Pacific Northwest is yarn heaven.


My favorite trip ever was to Iceland! Gorgeous and serene, with hidden hot springs and scenic coastal walks! Not to mention, we stayed with some wonderful hosts! We were only there for a week and stayed in the west. We're anxious to go back and see the rest of the country!


Victoria in January. Took a break from Toronto winter and spent a week with family soaking up the West Coast vibe


I went to Iceland a few years ago, and it's one of the best trips I've ever been on. Adorable sheep, a good mix of outdoor stuff like hiking and horses and indoor stuff like museums, yarn shops, great food, and lovely sweater weather.


My favorite adventure was going to Belize. My husband and I went into the jungle, repelled down a giant rock wall, went tubing on a river, and biked all over La Isla Bonita. My least favorite adventure was also Belize. I counted at one point 60 mosquito bites on my body.

Gwen Gotsch

One of my most memorable trips occurred some 25 years ago with my sister and four children under the age of five. It was a weekend car trip to visit family, In the course of 2 1/2 days three of the four kids all had stomach flu, with projectile vomiting and diarrhea. (The breastfeeding baby stayed healthy.) Within two hours of arriving at our grandmother's house we had done two loads of truly nauseating laundry. When we returned home we left the virus behind us, with several cousins calling in sick the next day.


Most of my travel experiences have been great, but one recent adventure was driving around Provence, no hardship there. My husband had previously done this younger and during a non-touristy season when finding accommodation on the fly was no big deal. But our first night there we had to try about five hotels, in about five different towns, to find a place to stay. Later on in that trip we'd learned our lesson, but had booked a hotel that was through a number of different mountain passes in the Alps. We grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take to drive the windy roads, and ended up at our last mountain pass in the dark facing a barricade because the road was closed. We could see people had driven around the barricade, and the road was due to own the next day. I was nervous about driving an unfamiliar windy road, in the pitch black, with no guarantee of travel condition and no guard rails, to a hotel that would probably be closed when we got there at 1 a.m. We had to turn back and head an hour in the wrong direction to find a hotel that was open. Luckily it was not a problem, we ended up in a hotel that had one of the best showers I've ever used, and since we were in a city, we could still find a place to eat dinner, even after 10 at night!

Ann Bokelman

My favorite trip is usually the one I'm on or have just finished. This time it has been a road trip to see family and friends with some "just us" vacation thrown in. We had "just us" fun in New Orleans, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Those last two involved visits and tours at distilleries. What fun! Now we're one night away from home and that will be the best trip of all!


Favorite trip was to New Zealand, with a close second to Paris. Worst trip ever happened while I was in college and I went with a group to the Yucatan. Ran out of money, everyone got sick, and the "friends" behaved terribly.


My favorite trip was Turks and Caicos.

Anita Reynolds

A recurring trip, I love going t Midwest Masters in Neenah Wisconsin, but to get there from my house involves driving through Chicago, which I absolutely hate. And I have driven through both Los Angeles and New York traffic. This year I am trying a go west from Lafayette then north in Illinois hoping to avoid it.


We've had a few trips, including when my twins were babies, where we've forgotten an entire suitcase at home. There's just so much stuff to pack for a family vacation.
I would say my favourite vacation was our holiday in Nova Scotia. It was equal parts relaxation, adventure and fun.


Worst trip ever was to Zions National Park where my brother jumped in a river and put bailing wire completely through his foot. We loaded him up in the back of the station wagon and sang "Do your ears hang low" all the way to the hospital to wait in the parking lot while they cut the wire out of his foot. To top it off, we cut the vacation short. It was pretty traumatic for this 10 year old.

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