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February 22, 2016



This book is definitely on my wish list! My most-want-to-be-forgotten was a family trip renting a houseboat on the Mississippi River. The weather was terrible, cold and rain the whole time spiced up with occasional high winds. And let's just say none of us had any experience driving something like that.


I'm intrigued by your description of her book. While I haven't experienced anything as mortifying as travel decapitation, this brings to mind the time the school bus broke down on the way home to our farm in the winter, and, along with the bus driver & a couple other kids we had to hitch a ride home in a gravel truck! I cried. My favourite travel memories are taking the train in Europe on my honeymoon and enjoying fancy coffee, beer, & pastries, all buyable in tiny shops in the station.


My favorite adventure was going to Belize with my husband for our honeymoon.


My favorite recent adventure was trekking through sub-zero degree Toronto with my husband to visit yarn shops! I was tagging along on a business trip he had there, and he was willing to follow my agenda for a whole day. So much fun!

April C.

My favorite adventure was when my husband and I spent the weekend just paling around the coast. It was so relaxing.


Can't wait to read it!


I went on a cruise out of New Orleans a few years ago. On the next to the last day, I had what I later learned was a gallbladder attack. I ate nothing but Saltines for two days and had my gallbladder out soon after!


I loved driving to California with my husband and 2 and 4 year old to visit family and go to Disneyland. Too bad the last day there we ended up taking my two year old to the hospital to get stitches on his nose.


My best trip was going with my mom, dad, partner, and grandmother to the town in England where my grandmother had grown up. We still have family there, and we all went on a tour of the places in my grandmother's stories -- the mill where her father was the foreman, the Woolworths where she got her first job, the bank where she became one of the first women clerks during WWII.


I travel lots and often by myself. I meet lots of people that way which is my whole purpose of travel. I like to see the ordinary things not just the monuments. One of my favorite things to do is go to markets and eat new things. I also look for yarn shops everyplace I go....I am in TelAviv right now and found some wool/cashmere sock yarn.


My favourite trip was this past summer with my in-laws, sister-in-law, husband and kids. It was a trip on my in-law's dime to Florida and Disney. Seeing my kids at Disney was worth the 5 hour drive (7 people squished in a mini-van) and 3 hour flight to get there. I'm so thankful to my in-laws for the trip!

Mary Kay

My best travel memory is when we went to see the Great Wall in China. We rode in motorcycle sidecars to get there and then hiked a beautiful stretch of the wall where we didn't see another person all day! And my kids (ages 6 and 13 at the time) didn't complain once!


I'm excited to read this book, it sounds right up my alley. I'm all about spontaneous adventures. One of my most recent took me on a 4 hour drive (from my home to Los Angeles area) to buy a car. Here's the kicker: I found the car at 11 that morning, negotiated a deal via phone from 12-4pm, then hit the road at 4:30pm, arrived as they were closing at 8:30pm, signed all the papers in an hour, and got home at 2 the next morning (AND I had to work that day). It was such a great adventure, and a wonderful way to get to know my new car :)


When I was young my boyfriend, now husband, and I took a driving vacation. We drove all over the place and stopped in the tiniest towns and ate the local foods and had the best time dreaming of our future - or at least I was. I don't know if it is actually the vacation I'm so fond of, or if it's my remembrances of being young and carefree, but whatever it is, I enjoy the memories.


My travel stories are also famously disastrous. On one of the first family vacations I can remember (I was four) our dog developed a mysterious gastro illness and was messily sick all over our motor home for days before he died. That was one sad and long drive back to Ontario from Prince Edward Island. On another family road trip my father figured out that we would cross paths with Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope as we drove home. We made cardboard signs saying things like "Go Terry, Go!" and put them in the windows of that same motor home. We never saw Terry. His cancer had come back and forced him to stop his journey in our hometown. We (and our whole nation) were really sad kids when we got home from that vacation. Clara's travel stories sound much happier than mine. I'd love to read her book.


I love to travel and wish I could afford to do it more! My favorite adventure was a semester in England, but I loved a quick trip to Barcelona and am itching to go back.


Warning - a bit horrifying/graphic! Much like decapitation... I was in Vietnam with my family and while on the bus we hit some heavy heavy traffic. Of course I started looking out the window for any sign of when traffic would let up when I saw a flattened human body that was run over by the bus in front of us. Enough. Said.


My worst trip was a family vacation, where my sons girlfriend, who was travelling with us, broked up with him and the rest of the trip was either crying or silence...

Sherri Van Aert

I love traveling. As a single mother of 3 daughters we have had our share of adventures and mishaps. To make sure everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can I have always been one of those people who packs ... repacks ... And then checks the list one last time before packing the car. On one trip we stopped on our first night in a small town off in the middle of the Canadian prairies (population 20 people), Waldersee Manitoba. It was in the midst of the morning confusion to get on our way that I realized I had not packed a single pair of undies for anyone. So with my daughters, oldest was about 8, I headed off to the nearest general store and bought 8 packages of the only underwear they had in stock - ladies large - and then listened to 2 days of non-stop complaining from all three of them as their new purchases bunched and gathered and chafed and itched. For those us who pay such meticulous attention to packing the forgetting is that much more painful.


My most favorite adventure was spending my 40th birthday on the beach at Sanibel Island.
My least favorite adventure was falling asleep on the bus on the way to a farm field trip in kindergarten. The teacher didn't have the heart to wake me up so I missed the whole thing!


Favorite adventure: wandering through Paris on our honeymoon…just walking all over the city and discovering stuff!


This book sounds fantastic- I've loved Clara's other titles and am an avid traveler. Boom! Perfect book for me! I've had some fantastic adventures, but what comes first to mind is a recent trip with my father and partner - we took a boat from Florida to the out islands of the Bahamas. Our second day on the water my partner almost lost a toe to a barracuda (I have it all on film). Our third day, we went out to an uninhabited island and spent the night enjoying the silence, watching the clear sky, and following a thunderstorm about 100 miles away.

Patti Orsburn

Wendy. I've not had a trip from heck like you had,but I've had a few nightmutrips, I.e, no underwear or appropriate shoes because the airline lost my luggage and there were no stores at the resort in which tobuy said items, another trip, we arrived at hotel and there was no reservation in our name and we didn't have enough cash to make another one. And the hotels in the area were totally booked. Another trip to Mexico we were passengers on a plane with no radar equipment flying from Guadulajara to Mexico City in the middle of the night. Our destination was in the opposite direction! Another trip. I slid off the sailboat we rented and my husband had to manage the sail with one hand while trying to save me from being washed away as the wind picked up and blew our little boat out further and further from shore. Obviously, we survived, but these adventures have made us very cautious when making our traveling plans. Ha-ha!


My favorite trip was a road trip to Seattle. It was so wonderful to drive through such beautiful scenery. We stopped in Portland, camped in Washington, and then spent a few days in Seattle. The food, views, and city were wonderful. And, there were only a few hiccups. I call that a successful vacation!


My favorite trip was to Ireland in the 90's.

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