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January 13, 2016



Maybe it's just a phase....
If you enjoy it and have a good time, why not embrace it?
Socks for everybody or perhaps a sock blanket for a special someone?

Susan Luni

I envy you so much! I have half-knit socks, baskets full of sock yarn, people who need socks, but I am knitting anything but socks. I feel guilty. I even have some Brazil yarn. Wanna come to my house and help out?

carol fun

Oh sock yarn is so addictive... I LOVE knitting socks and have given lots away and have a lot for me too! Don't feel guilty... knitting it good for the mind and the soul!


Could you take a family shot of the socks; a different one on each foot or maybe the socks are always in the wash?

Sock yarn is addictive.


Have you checked out Sally Melville's Memories Sweater on Ravelry? Uses small amounts of sock yarn. I usually knit toe up socks and go until I run out of yarn. Might have to rethink that strategy.


Please tell us more...nice to see you. And your socks. :-)


I just used your provisional cast on tutorial, and it was a big help! Thanks!

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