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November 30, 2015



Oh my, I just burst out laughing at the phantom dilemma you had. Hope for better in future trips!


Now if I could knit socks (learning slowly) this would definitely be something that I would do. So, when I start knitting socks I may just pin on the "bag sock #1."

Victoria Bolton

You could title this post: Why Knitters Invented Two-at-a-Time Sock Knitting.


Victoria, that is so funny! (And to think that is how I used to always knit them, but it is a bit tricky in a car. Still, no excuse!)


Ha, yes! I will never go back to one-at-a-time socks on dpns! Two socks on two circs is the way to go.

Wendy, you are a phenomenal storyteller. I'm so glad you're blogging again!


Oh noooooo!!!!! This is why I always bring multiple projects (usually 3 or 4 because I'm a nut.)


Bummer! I'm with Lolly - never travel with fewer than three projects is my rule. Six, if there's room in the trunk....I mean, we have to stop for gasoline from time to time...

Judith C

I've done this before, now I do two at a time. Also it's best for me to have circular needles around my father-in-law. One year I found him picking his teeth with one of my small double points!


Oh no! Don't forget this one next time :)

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