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April 15, 2015



A hole? A twisted stitch? That weird thing that happens when you don't quite pick up a stitch entirely and just snag it instead and knit through it so it's only half the stitch it's supposed to be?

I did that several times knitting on a sock during a meeting for work. I had to frog a few rounds and redo them.


Those are so cute! I would have never thought about putting pompoms on socks (and yes, I call them pompoms... don't judge :P )


Adorable socks. That stitch marker can be removed, right?!!!

Fuego Azul

What is it about socks that make them so addicting to knit? I love the word "pom pon" much more! I'm going to copy you. :p

Judith C

Uhhhh. I have a sweater with one of those stitch markers in the middle of it. I like to call them stitch grabbers, as the grab and hold those stitches that I should have grabbed and held way back when. Yours looks cute, leave it and call it an adornment.

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