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July 22, 2014



Welcome back!


May the time pass quickly for you. I get it.


TOTALLY agree on the "Try daring guys who aren't your 'type'" thing! The first thing my sister said after meeting ssfhunter was, "Well, he's not your usual type." It hadn't even occurred to me that I HAD a "type". I asked her what my "type" was, and her answer? "Tall, skinny, and kinda weird." This was my first clue things might work with him - a 5'7" half-Messican guy from the other side of the tracks who didn't go to university and had a tattoo and a motorcycle and was much more of "manly man". And was better-looking than all my former guys put together!

More importantly, it was great to see you!!!

Robin Allen

Oh, ick. Now I'm going to have nighmares about grubs that are twice the size of a Vienna sausage.


Grubs?! I've only seen those things in movies! ugggh i can't believe they exist in backyards. asda;dkjf

At first I was absolutely thrilled that you were local(west san fernando valley here) Until I saw the dates--birthday, craft show, birthday. Maybe someday I'll be able to some say hi!


I LOVE that yarn you're knitting on the beach. Willing to share what it is???


It's Lang sock yarn. It's called "Aktion" and it is in white/yellow/orange/reds.


My mom always made "quillows" when I was growing up. It's a quilt that folds into it's own pouch to make a pillow. And as an added bonus, the pocket you fold it into doubles as a cozy place to stick your feet when it's in quilt form!


I love that you don't talk about "secret knitting." That phrase is as irritating as heck to me because if it's secret, then why bring it up? Because it's a thinly veiled tease, that's why.


Oh, Diana. We think alike...

Princess Di

You always make me smile!


Wahoooo! Our Oxnard vacation is Aug 20-24 and I was already planning to visit my fav yarn shop in the area...Now I know which day!


Maybe you've shared it before, but why not join Girlfriend and HWWV on the out-of-country trip? I'm feeling lonely for you!


My heart aches for your aching heart Wendy.

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