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May 20, 2014



I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will release a digital edition. I love having stitch dictionaries on my iPad so I always have access to them!


This is a fantastic concept. No wonder people are so excited about it!


Can't wait to see it! A month or so ago I spent hours ... days ... trying to convert one stitch pattern from bottom up to top down, and then I gave up. So kudos to you - I cannot imagine doing 150 of them.


Congratulations. Sounds like a useful book.




Congratulations on all your hard work!


Pre-ordered mine on Amazon. Looking forward to its arrival. I think I'll use this book a lot. Congrats and thanks for sharing your talents.


I just ordered my copy on Amazon. Congrats!


Congratulations, Wendy!! My pre-ordered copy is suppose to arrive today. I can't wait!


Congratulations! Looking forward to receiving my copy.


Congrats, Wendy! I saw your book at TNNA and placed my order today! Looking forward to getting it!


i had no great interest in a stitch dictionary - until now! i have all your other books and love your work in general. congratulations!


What a load of work! But this is incredible! Can't wait to get my hands on it!


Congratulations on the new book. I will certainly be adding this one to my library!


Congratulations! It sounds great!


My pre-order from Amazon just arrived -- it's FANTASTIC! Great photos and I love the binding: hard cover/protected spiral.
So much for getting anything else done today - diving into your new book!


Good luck with it and congrats! Will be looking for it in my local knit shop! Remind me to tell them about it if they missed it. LOL


Oh, boy! I pre-ordered mine from Amazon & I can hardly wait for it to arrive!! Congratulations on the positive response to all of your hard work!


Just got mine today, and I can hardly wait to take it for a test run! Congrats...its a beautiful book!

Colleen Smith

I just received my copy of your book today. You are a genius! I can only imagine the amount of hard work this book required. Thank you so much and congratulations.


Sounds like it's a must have book.


Just ordered it - thank you for putting in the round conversions in. I have several stitch dictionaries and am always converting the patterns to in the round. It is easier with some than it is with others.

Robin Allen

I have a self-imposed moratorium on buying anything knitting-related until the fall, but I might have to sneak this book past the guard.


Amazing! I'm totally adding this to my book wish list!

Bridget B

What a completely awesome idea. Your blog was the very first knitting blog I started following, and you've always been an inspiration. Congratulations - you're so right to be proud! I'm ordering my copy asap. (P.S. Yay for the spiral binding!)

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