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April 15, 2014


Robin Allen

Your line drawings have a Zentangle quality to them. So sorry about your friend. You're a sweetheart to help her sort it all out.


I love your line drawings my girlchild has been doodling with line drawings and I can't wait to show her your picture when she comes home from school! So sorry about your friend, I am sure that she more than appreciates your kind help in sorting.


So very sorry about your friend. The blouse is lovely. Makes me want to take the sewing machine on my Amazon wish list off and make it a wish come true!

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

I had a similar sewing experience in middle school. We had a student teacher for home ec who insisted on the beginner gym bag for the first project. I finished that on day 1, and chose an A-line dress with a button-up front and mandarin collar. When I asked her for help with the front placket, she told me to just sew up the front and put a zipper in the back. I managed to figure it out for myself - even before youtube.


I had the same issue with Home Ec teachers. Once I showed them the level of sewing I could do they never bothered to check my work again. Now I sew nothing. I used to make drapes! Now I am wondering if I should even attempt a project bag. LOL! Beautiful stuff. Prayers to your friend. May she find strength through her treatment.


I do love the cape cowl. One thing I have noticed about knitting, the longer I do it, the more welcoming to things I though I would never do/make. I too have had a bad entrelac aversion, nothing looked appealing to me. But this pattern... This looks different. I might be tempted to try. I also have found new colors that "I would never wear", and things like shawls, caplets, cowls, Aran sweaters, Nordic sweaters, fingerless mitts, gauntlets, I mean the list goes on! How I limited myself in my early knitting life. Now I get the most compliments on things I have knit that I thought at one time I would never wear!


I hope you're OK and such sad news about your friend. You will be a great help to her.

I'm going to date myself, but I also sewed most of my own clothes in junior high. My favorite outfit was a bolero jacket with gaucho pants. How was I ever let out of the house with that on? ;)


Oh Dee. I did love the gouchos too.

And, I wore out the denim purse I made. It had rope handles! (Junior High as well…)


purple is my favorite color Im just saying


What a wonderful way to help a friend!


so sorry your friend is ill. she is lucky to have you in her life!

Princess Di

I also sewed a bathing suit when I was 16. My motivation was mom would not allow me to wear a two piece suit so I thought if I would sew one she couldn't refuse that. AND I was right!



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