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February 24, 2014



It's gorgeous! Love the neck detail. But lace? NOOOOO! Or maybe.


The lace weight in that brand isn't too fine. I use, *I think* size US 5 needles!


Beautiful! I have their fingering weight. Maybe I can knit the small and end up somewhere in the middle? Would love to give entrelac a try.


That's gorgeous and may just make me finally try entrelac.


I am so looking forward to the pattern - but which size needs 2 balls of yarn? Maybe just a hint? So I can get the yarn before I leave for holidays? Please.....


There are three sizes. 36 (39, 42)". I'm wearing the 36" which can be worn either as it is or as a cowl. So, if you're larger than 36 you can knit any size as a cowl or size up for something that will stretch around your shoulders. The smallest size takes one ball. All other sizes will take two, even if you decide to size it up beyond 42" (which is easy to do).


wonderful, thank you for all the knitting inspiration!

Meredith MC

I'm not an entrelac newbie -- I've knit 2 Lady Eleanor's (I accidentally gave the first one away only to realize that I missed it terribly and couldn't live without another one)
My Lady Eleanor is a huge, gorgeous stole of many Noro colors and as much as I love it for curling up on the couch, I haven't worn it as a stole, like, ever.
Your gorgeous capelet is awesome entrelac and wonderfully wearable.
I think I may succumb to its charms-it's a
brilliant pattern.


Thank you, Meredith! This was my first try. I just love the process.


Girlfriend rocks the entrelac!


Oh heavens this is lovely! I suppose if I were to make this it could accurately be called "not my grandmother's entrelac" only because she is a woman who has never seen a need to knit any entrelac ever- she has always been a practical heavy socks and sweaters lady, which my feet have always appreciated!


This is adorable. My local knitting store has this yarn...so I'm hoping to buy today and the pattern! I have never done entrelac. Just wondering...a lot of what I have seen in completed projects - this stitch pattern seems to pucker or be puffy (even completed projects which I assume have been blocked). Is yours so flat because of the laceweight yarn and because you knit on a larger needle? Or aggressive blocking? Also, I have never knit with a gradient yarn. If you wnated a bigger version and you bought two balls of this yarn, what would you do about the color changes? I mean, would you just start over with the second ball? Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any help.


This doesn't pucker because of the weight of the yarn and the larger needles. A little blocking is also necessary, but there's hardly any puckering (which makes me happy).

The pattern explains how to make a larger size with two balls of the gradient yarn. All you have to do is separate the second ball into shades and then, as you knit the tiers, use up the first shade on your working ball and then extend the color changes by adding yarn from the second ball as you knit. Another option is to go through the first ball and then knit from the inside (lighter portion usually) of the second ball, thereby extending the lighter (or darker) part of the gradient. Make sense?


Yes, you're brilliant! Thanks so much for the reply and this beautiful pattern!

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