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January 28, 2014



I learned to knit backwards for entrelac too. But that was years ago and I still only use it for entrelac. But it's funny that when I learned, it seemed like it was so obvious that I should have realized it already.

gary bernard

Somehow I remember that picture. She was a real winner as was Herman


Love you, dad.


Enjoyed reading your post, I bet your nan is a right character? My problem with entrelac is the same as yours, there's nothing I've seen that screams 'knit me' so I'm looking forward to seeing what you design. Treasure your nan whilst she's here, there isn't a day in the past 14 years since she has to leave that I haven't thought about mine. X


Had not has


About a month ago I was on a bit of a rant about backward knitting. I couldn't understand the appeal because the stitches were twisted which would mess up my knitting on the right side row. My friend, who's been knitting forever, showed me how to do it without twisting my stitches. I'm working slowly on a Boneyard Shawl to practice tho on the purl rows. I had to learn how to purl backwards too because it has a garter edge.

Curious to see what you come up with for entrelac to see if I want to try it.


I learned to knit backwards too because of enterlac. I did the Lady Eleanor shawl and it was worth it for how it is so cold in Michigan. I wear it often.


Such a beautiful resemblance between you and your Grandmother. I'm with you on the entrelac, there hasn't been anything that spoke to me. Looking forward to see what you come up with!


Oh, that looks like it is going to be a LOVELY pattern - and it would be exactly what my mum would love to wear. I am keeping my fingers crossed the pattern comes out in time for me to knit it for her birthday. Unfortunately that is already on 2/25 - it might be cutting it a little close. Thank you!!!


I love entrelac and always knit backwards... Rarely purl actually. :)


I've always been afraid of entrelac and knitting backwards sounds quite intimidating but your post has given me courage!


I've knit backward since about halfway into the very first project I ever knit. Partly it's because I'm paranoid about repetitive motion injuries, and greatly because I don't like turning my work :-)

Because of this, I tend to avoid garter stitch like I do my ex-husband. It's just too much trouble and gets me all twisty and frustrated!

Lisa Ward

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I went through that with mine too. It's not easy. On a lighter note, I love entrelac AND the freia fibers yarn.


My grandmother also taught me to knit, its a wonderful way to remember her, and by passing the skill on to my daughter, I think, strengthening the bond from (her) great grandmother to my daughter. Thanks for sharing your story.


I love the picture of your Grandma. And, I've always wanted to learn to tap dance.

Princess Di

My mom taught me to knit. My mom could knit and crochet like nobodies business. I tried crochet years ago w/o much success. I decided in January I was going to give it another go and I did and conquered!!! Also, in the interest of keeping my brain going I decided to learn Spanish.


Go learn to tap dance!! Taking dance classes 4 days a week reduces your risk of dementia by 76%! It is the only physical activity that does so. Crossword puzzles reduce risk by 47%, so dancing is the better (and more fun!) option!!

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