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January 05, 2014



Easy--your next design is to be called "Stardust."

Good on you for remembering such an elaborate dream.

I've had an ear worm all week as a result of binge-watching Orange is the New Black--the theme song which keeps morphing into Peggy Sue.

I think I'll start humming "Skylark" to get over it.


The reason I remember it is I told it to someone twice so he could remind me of it. I do remember dreams (only for an hour or so, though) but this one was so crazy that I had to have help remembering it.

Melissa from Oklahoma

Shades of my childhood! My parents were big on music and Stardust was one of their favorites.

I agree that the next project must have something to do with it. Consider the possibilities!

What a piece of work is the human brain.


What a fascinating dream! Now I've got the song going through my head but that's ok. I love that song.


I think it's connected to your holidays with family; white sheets - white snow, Colorado, having a great time not wanting it to end. Finding your car would have meant getting back to real time.


Love the pillow in the picture, I guess our chat helped you sleep a little and even have a wierd dream.


I don't know what it means but I love dreams like that. They're the best.

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