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November 20, 2013


Meredith MC

Oh- I can relate. I just started to be mature enough to appreciate my mother when she got very sick. I never got to make it up to her. I was lucky to have a little time- so she knew that I loved her and we forgave each other. But yeah, it still hurts sometimes.

Why are daughters so hard on their mothers?

Knitting more must be the answer.


Please know that most girls go through a snarly stage with their moms and, after the first shock, most moms understand that no matter how it feels at first, it isn't personal, it's just part of normal development. We can lash out at mom because we know that she will love us forever, through thick and thin, through hell or high water. Childhood protects us from so much, at puberty we start to experience life differently and it is sometimes scary. When we are scared we act differently than when we feel safe. If and when your daughter hits a rough patch, love her through it. Remember that she is watching you all the time, decide ahead what kind of a mom you are going to be and follow through by setting a good model for her to follow, no matter how you feel at the time. You will grow wisdom and patience -- and maybe a few gray hairs, too.
Forgive yourself for just being human. Cherish all that is good


Thank you.


Best use of a Batman costume to date :)


All 12 year olds are mean in their own special ways. I was angsty and sullen. I think most parents know that it's just a phase kids go through. Also, if I had a batman cape, I would wear it all the time!


I was rotten too. I do think we've got different relationships with our kids these days though - I know my son certainly enjoys spending time with us in circumstances we never would have considered in 1979 with our parents. Keep on knitting though - Girlfriend rocks those caps!


Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't know many pre-teens and teens who weren't awful to their moms at some point. I know I was. We must all live and learn from our mistakes, and forgive ourselves too. Nobody is perfect.


Awww,,one of my boys wore capes everywhere for years, but none of them ever wanted me to knit for them. Their friends have asked for beanies which I've made by the dozen, and now one has a girlfriend who I get to knit for... but never my own. Although I'm thinking the one in South Dakota might cave soon.

Anyway, with a hip mom like you, I'm sure she will always enjoy your hand knits. :)


Apologize now, it's not too late... she'll accept it, and you may feel a little better.

JoAnne Isgro

I hope she won't go to a school that doesn't allow hats like mine did in middle school!!

So now my daughter wears scarves!!
I hope she doesn't change - but having 2 daughters I know it may happen....I give my younger daughter a code word that I say when she gets snippy!


I have a feeling my 12 year old and I have some tough times ahead. If it happens, I hope it is because as Joan said, she knows I'll love her regardless (even if I may not like her at that moment). I may be spoiling her with hats and cowls, but she does wear them, so I figure there are worse ways to spoil her.

Your daughter seems like a wonderful young woman.


Knit her hats as long as she likes them.... If/when she moves on, the next phase may not be as pleasant, or it may not involve you! I am still knitting my daughter new hats, and she is 23. She loves it.


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