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October 11, 2013



I LOVED my button fly 501's! Do they still have buttons? They were the only jeans that I could find that were not too long for my short self.


I just bought a pair of 501s (mens section at kohl's since apparently they don't make womens 501s)....yes Stefani, they still have the buttons and my new ones just like the ones I had back in the day...I had to take in little pleats in the back because always the waist is too big back there (I have no butt, just like my dad)


Love the hat! I have cheap from Wally World jeans that fit perfectly and too no time to "break in". :) I love the pool story!


I worked at the Gap a long, long time ago, and they told us the trick for softening jeans easily: wash them with a quarter cup or so of baking soda. They stay the same color so you can fade them the way you want, but they are much softer.


I have heard that you can brine stuff jeans in a bucket of salt water?

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