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October 31, 2013


Linda W.

I must have been about 12 or 13 my last trick or treating. I was a gypsy because there was no money for store bought costumes so we raided Mom's closet. As you said times were simpler then.

Doc Anne

I think I was 13 and wore an old sheet as a ghost. I know, I know.... I figured I didn't want to do it any more when I heard a snarky voice shout "Look! A pregnant ghost!" That one hurt.

Doc Anne

P.S. The book is exactly what I have been looking for. I hope to knit matching things for my granddaughter and her 18" doll

Deborah Karen Fillmer

I think I was probably 10 or so when I had my last Trick-or-Treat outing as a kid. I can remember living in an apartment and thinking how awesome it was that all the doors were so close to my home, and there were sooooo many doors. That year was candy heaven for me and my friends. Now I have grandsons that I make costumes for and am truly blessed to see them have their own T/T experiences. Thanks for the giveaway. The book looks like a lot of fun!


My first Halloween was very late - I was about 11. (Our family must have been living under a tree somewhere.) I was dressed as a gypsy. Once I got the hang of it I tried to make up for lost time by pushing it until I was 14. This was not popular among the little old ladies who answered the door and tsk-tsk-ed at my mature years. Now I happily hand out candy to 16 year olds. You never know what their story is. Brandy Fortune's was the first pattern I ever bought online. Would love her book.


I was a hobo and I think I was 12 the last time I went.


I was probably 12 or 13-junior high & became "too cool". I might have been a scarecrow.


I think my last time was about age 12.... And it was so long ago I have no idea what my costume was! I have four beautiful granddaughters, so this book would get lots of use in my library!


You know what? We never did trick or treating in Germany! There is no Halloween, can you imagine?
My three kids and I went trick or treating today (in America), and my 12 year old didn't dress up, thinking that this is so lame. My almost four year old loved it, except she was afraid of the creepy costumes. So was I.

Faith Hagedorn

My mom was pretty against Halloween, so I actually never went. I'm trying to live vicariously through my daughter. We went out briefly last year, when she was two. This year, she totally got it. We planned her costume out a couple months ago - Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a hand knit cape - and she's been telling everyone who is interested about it. Tonight it was a blast as she fully engaged. She'd spot the houses with their lights on, try to not be so shy as they talked with her, and was a total trooper in the drizzly rain (rain boots made for much happy splashing through big puddles). It was so darn fun.

Jen L

The last time I trick-or-treated was when I was 14, which was way too old, but we were having a huge blizzard that ended up dumping over 40 inches on our town. I had to go out in that!


Oh, I love Faith's story. My little man is 8 months and I am very excited for the future Halloween when he gets it.

I loved sewing and making my own costumes and I dressed up for Halloween right on up into college. I think I actually went trick or treating one year in college dressed in a homemade cow costume (with pink balloons pinned on as udders!). We went to a couple of houses, then I stopped because I felt bad for taking candy when there were little kids around who definitely deserved it more.


I think I was about 11 or so and I think I dressed up 50s style with cuffed jeans, white keds, a scarf-tied ponytail and red lipstick. We never had much money when I was a kid so costumes were always sourced from what we could find in a family member's closet. I think they always made the best costumes because they were what we created for ourselves.


We were allowed through 8th grade and after that it was considered lame to go trick-or-treating. To this day when I see high-schoolers out asking for candy I think it's a little odd.
We almost got rained out this year, but fortunately the rain stopped in time. My kids had a great time and got a big load of candy and we went to the neighborhood bonfire and everything. I know I will miss this!

Hilary G.

My last year trick or treating I was 13....and I was a Good Humor ice cream ...lol


I never trick-or-treated as a child. We took our kids the last 2 years, but tonight my girl has a fever so we are cuddled up with books and she's going to bed early.

Mandi R

I think I was 10... 10 or 11. Either way I was Catwoman. My go to costume was always a Cat of some sort.


Last time trick or treating? My friends and I actually went door to door for candy in our first year of University! I'm shocked to read that everyone stopped so young. I do still dress up every year (turning 40 next year and I guess still a kid at heart.) This year I was one of the Pink Ladies from the film Grease.


we never trick or treated :-( it's only just manifested it's head here in germany and i feel so sorry for the kids that do walk around, because hardly anyone is prepared for them.


The last year I trick or treated as an active participant was when I was 12. Three of us went as the 3 Stooges. I dressed up and went with my kids until my youngest was 6. The last year they were Harry Potter kids and the adults were Lord of the Rings costumes.


oh, I was one of those annoying teenagers. I went out with my boyfriend around 15 and dressed as a bag lady... I'm sure were charming to all the people expecting to see princesses! I think my Dad suggested I was too old and to leave the holiday to younger kids! Tonight I had such fun with all the kids that came to the door - we moved and after three years with no kiddos, hubby had to run to the store for more candy! Thank you for the chance to win.


I was 12 years old when I stopped trick or treating. My costume that year was my brother's sailor suit. He had been in the Navy & saved his uniforms. He was very thin & I was able to fit into them easily. Ah, the good old days ... lol!


I was 15 and a Christmas tree. Yum.


I was 11 the last time I went trick or treating, right before my parents moved us to Nairobi, Kenya.
I went as Gumby.


It was carnival for me, as lived in warmer climates then… I was 11, and I was Carnival Queen at my school, so I had a queen's costume, lovingly made by my grandmother :-)

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