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September 10, 2013



One of my favorite toy memories involves a "Crissy" doll that looks almost exactly like your "Mia" doll. Weird.
I was carrying her onto a bus in NYC. Since this was a million or so years ago, it's a wonder we didn't hop on a dinosaur instead. I was going back to NJ with my mother. I must have been five years old. Right when we got on, the bus driver looked and me and said: "your doll isn't nearly as pretty as you". I know I never thought I was a cute kid - even at five years old. That gentleman made my day, probably my week. I swear I can remember standing next to his driver's seat, holding tightly onto that doll, like it was yesterday.

Katie Lynn

My favorite toys were the Calico Critters dolls. They were little plastic figures covered in fuzz with moving arms and legs, around 3-4" tall. They had clothing and little playsets, like a house and a grocer's. Specifically there was a tiny baby bunny that was the cutest.

katherinelynn04 on ravelry.


I had a Crissy doll, too; much like your Mia, but with red hair. I loved setting her hair on hot rollers. I also had a doll called Tiffany Taylor. The whole top of her head spun, and she could be either brunette with bangs or blonde with no bangs depending on your mood.

There were Barbies, too, but that Crissy doll was my absolute favorite for years.

Brenda Wilson

This is easy! It was my Chatty Cathy doll! By the time I was finished with her, all she could do when you pulled her string was rumble and roar! haha ...or was it my Midge doll? hmmmm


Oh my gosh, I had that doll but I remember her name being Chrissy. Anyway, lots of fun memories. Thank you:)


I was almost 5 when my brother was born. To make the process of bringing home the baby less traumatic my mom got me a Gerber Baby Doll....which I did eventually love...even after my brother got teeth and bit the little curl off the top of her head! But, I distinctly remember saying when the doll was presented, "it isn't a monkey!" I had seen this adorable monkey the size of a baby chimp and just knew it was mine. My dad being the guy that he is bought me the monkey. I fed and swaddled, Monk, affectionally and all was right with the world until my mom started missing the baby undershirts and baby gowns....well they fit him perfectly....Momk was just the right size. I had Monk and the Gerber baby and loved them for many years after that. I even let my baby brother play with them once in awhile!


Chrissy is the same as Mia.... They're all Chrissy dolls but Mia was the one with brown hair...


my toy memories are of the toys my friends had but I didn't - Barbie dream house, Barbie styling mannequin head, Barbie fashion plates - hmmm, I'm sure that says something about me!


My favorite doll was a Lazy Dazy doll and boy did she go everywhere with me! I just enjoyed some good memories looking up images of the doll on the internet...sigh.


I have fond memories of playing with a Barbie doll that had three different wigs. Loved changing her hair color. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jill C.

I had a beloved, rather flattened, teddy bear.I came home one day to find that my sister had cut open his back and pulled out all of his stuffing. She was planning to restuff him with FiberFil, but hadn't gotten to that step. I feel guilty now for how I lit into her over it. He looks so much better with his new insides.
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I loved my Lite Brute and a plastic jewelry maker, complete with scalding hot metal molds --loved the smell of charred plastic --I could make flowers or bugs and the glue them to rings and necklaces..not dangerous at all :)!


My favorite toy was my doll like yours. Only she was blonde and had purple eyes. Her name was Velvet. She wore a purple velvet dress. That was my last doll as my Mom said I was getting to old for dolls. I believe I was in the 5th grade. :)

Melanie S

My sister had a Chrissie and I thought it was so cool to pull on the hair!

My favorite toy, however, was the "growing up" Skipper Barbie. When you swung her arm around she developed breasts.


While I was growing up, I loved my Barbie and Ken... I also had a Barbie RV and modular home for Barbie. It was riot back then...Loved every minute of it.


I had a Humpty Dumpty that my aunt made me. I slept with it every night. She made one for my boys, they didn't love it much.

Rae Lynne

I had two favorite toys - a little bunny puppet type toy that was soft pink plaid flannel and a satin trim - I'd rub the trim at night and it would put me to sleep. Anytime my mom wanted me to sleep she just gave me Bunny.

My second favorite toy was a Dream Baby. When you sat the doll up the eyes opened and then of course closed when you laid the baby down. DreamBaby never had a name, just always DreamBaby and was gender neutral...sometimes a girl and sometimes a boy. My daughter plays with DreamBaby now. :)

e bunni

i had a doll that looked like a real baby. i got her when i was three at christmas. i carried her with me everywhere, and forgot her everywhere. there were many hunts to find her again. one time i avtually lost her, i was visiting my dad in another state and i called my mom completly hystarical. a few months later i was back home and in a toy sstore. i saw ashley (my doll) in a box on the shelf. probally one of the happiest days in my little kid life.my mom bought her right away and it was like i had never lost her. i still have ashley.


My favorite was a ballerina doll that would spin and kick her leg out (you pushed a stick thing in her crown up and down). Looking online I think it was a "Dancerina doll"


I love that book! Must Have. :)

My favorite toy memory is of my bear, Bruno, who I always dressed in a frilly pink dress. My mother often asked me why Bruno, who I also insisted was a boy bear, wore a dress. I always replied, because he wants to. There was (and still is) absolutely nothing wrong with that in my mind. :)


My favorite toys were my teddy bear (that I scratched all the fur off of when I had poison ivy), my raggedy ann doll and my spirograph.


I had a hand sewn topsy turvey doll that was red riding hood on one end and when you flipped her skirt over was the wolf in grannies dress.


I swear I'm not making this up as a tie-in to Susan's inside-out knit toys.... But my favorite toys when I was a kid were my Transformers. The first one I got was always my favorite -- Hound: he transformed between a robot and a jeep. I loved rolling the jeep around the living room and obstacles that I created out of couch cushions and pillows. Over time, my brother and I assembled a good collection of Transformers and waged epic battles against each other. Plus, it was really fun to mix Transformers, Go-Bots, G I Joes, and Star Wars figures in the mix. We created a crazy universe.

I've really got my fingers crossed on winning this giveaway. I've had Topsy-Turvy on my wishlist ever since I heard about it. Susan's designs are so much fun to knit: I've done Ribbit, Rabbit, and one of her hats. My daughter loves them! Plus, I've got the Spud and Chloe book and enough yarn in my stash to do several of the designs there.

What fun going down memory lane and remembering some of my favorite toys. Thanks!

-greg, drmellow on ravelry


I'm a little older than you. Chrissie dolls came later. When I was about six years old my mother had to go into the hospital (I only realized many, many years later that she had lost a pregnancy. People didn't talk to kids about "those sorts of things") and I was given a Mona Lisa bride doll. For a very long time I thought she was the best thing since chocolate ice cream. I remember playing contentedly in the hospital lobby while my dad was in with Mom. In those days no one worried about leaving a child alone in a public place and I was a happy camper.


My doll that cried tears and wet her pants. My younger brother and a friend were playing doctor one day and my doll was the poor unfortunate patient who evidently required many, many "shots". End result - she cried AND peed out of multiple holes (100+ I believe)in her body. (I was NOT in the "doctor's" office when this happened or I would have certainly asked for a second opinion.)

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