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September 05, 2013



I find that those mystery chin hairs are visible only in the rearview mirror of my car, naturally only while driving and as soon as I'm stopped, bam! they're in hiding again. Ridiculous way for aging to humble one.


OMG, that hair! I had 1 on my chin, Husband could see it only in the car and only when the sun was setting at a certain angle. Persistent yanking eventually made it go away.

We were at the beach last week. No knitting (with girls 3, 3, and 5, I can't afford to look away for a second). How many times did I have to say "Bend over, do the downward dog, please, so I can rinse all the sand out of your girly parts"? My BIL overheard me once and laughed, "All the things you never imagined yourself saying...!"

Linda Cannon

I Just had one, the phantom hair. What i realize they are mini micron in size. They kind of irritate until removed, usually it is by persistent feel and pulling. They are so annoying and boy do they grow fast. Roseanne Barr had one when she had her show, she had her makeup artist glue a bead on it and let it grow. As I remember it grew quite long quite fast(as do mine.) The only way you could really see it was with the bead. I the wind blows they are really annoying. Glad t know someone else has had this.
The sweater is great, love the way it looks.


That bead...is hysterical. I once had a boyfriend who took great pride in a really long micron sized hair near his elbow. Drove me nuts. One day, I saw it there in the light, reached over and yanked it out. He was sooo mad.


I do have a dark hair that grows on my neck and the first time I noticed it it was so long! I truly couldn't believe that I never saw it and wondered why nobody told me! ;-) I also have one on the chin but this one I notice as soon as it is visible! Nice sweater!

Baby Blankets

Nice, cool and comfy jacket.


I found one of those phantom hairs. It was on my chin. It was barely visible and finer than any other hair I'd seen anywhere on my person - finer even than newborn baby hair. I plucked it and measured it. It was an inch and a quarter long. I nearly fainted wondering how I went so long without anyone else noticing it. I am paranoid that it will grow back and keep checking my chin. Nothing yet.

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