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September 30, 2013


Melissa, breast cancer survivor

Webcam. Definitely. Yes.

Don't forget those mammograms and BSEs, please!

Renee Anne

Wait, I can dig for clams up here?! Or am I not "north" enough (SF Bay).

I've noticed that the roads are crap here, too. I think it's because it takes FOR.EV.ER. for anyone to agree on anything. I mean, really, the eastern span of the Bay Bridge took TWENTY-FIVE YEARS to get rebuilt after it was declared not structurally sound back in 1989 after the earthquake. Let me reiterate that: twenty-five years. That's ridiculous!

But, knitting outside in October on a beach is nice. Granted, I don't get to do it often here but I can knit outside on the back deck in February in shorts and a long-sleeved shirt.


Thanks for the post -- I'm looking forward to taking a class with you at Anacapa Fine Yards! Yes, I agree -- this is our favorite time of year (Ventura)-- and agree about California, for me the opportunities were much better!


Thanks Wendy for promoting support for cancer patients. I hope you and all your readers get annual exams. I lost a breast at age 39 but WON the battle with cancer 15 years ago. Knitting was the best therapy.


web cam - yes please
moving to another area? yes please for me too...you do the research and let me know where to move, southern California all my life..time to move on down the road and outa here...
but since that's all unlikely, I'll head to Huntington with my needles and kick back and watch the sun setting


Like the bumper stickers say: Love the tatas!


@Laura -- It's 15 years of survival for me, too! Caribou Coffee isn't actually present here in Mid-TN, but I'll be participating in the Greater Nashville Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, later this month. I think I'm the only survivor on our team. Check your newspaper or newsfeed -- there's likely to be a Race for the Cure in your area this month, and even if you don't want to do all that walking/running you can still support participants.


I've knit on the beach before. I get some strange looks because of that. Oh, well. :) I'm having fun!


If you ever really do move ( I'm from Long Beach CA) consider Michigan. It is an incredibly beautiful state. Fabulous seasons. And southeast Michigan only gets a few inches of snow at a time, which generally melts quite quickly. Big tall trees, super nice people, rivers, lakes, trails. I'm a big, big fan. Honestly, February is a bit dreary, you will be longing for Zuma 6. Tons of yarn shops. All good.


Hi Nancy, I'm from Minnesota, so Michigan would be MILD compared to that! (Oh, and I did a stint in TX too. The humidity was so horrible we all carried hairspray in our purses. But really nice people there.)

Yes, Yall, I may be thinking of leaving...


Thanks for the BCA info. My Mom had a double. Wonderful how so much of America is embracing October and BCA. And the polish and the suit...perfecto!


Yes, No. Cal's a different animal & I like it that way. We have a little more "weather" - that is, we can wear scarves & hats & sweaters in the winter! But I will never knit at the beach because I don't want sand in my yarn...

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