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August 09, 2013



I discovered a sweet yarn shop while in Sedona in the spring. I love it there too.


I have to stop reading your blog. Too much negativity.

Meredith MC

I get the "some times a girl just needs to lay there." Sometimes thinking about knitting, or even not thinking about it gives me a brain break that leads to breakthroughs. Yay for laying by the pool. Don't listen to critics- you are perfect how you are.


Norma, you'll be missed!


Wendy, I have a client (I'm an esthetician) who used to bring her own music while getting facials....she didn't like "farting whales or damn chirping birds"!!
Funnily, I don't either and I never played that (well, ok, there is one fabulous CD of thunder and rain that starts out with chirping birds) kind of stuff. Instead I was tortured with the Mama Mia soundtrack or damn Josh Groban :)


Oh, Stumbling on Happiness is actually a really funny and interesting book! You can see a clip of the author (from a few years back) on the Colbert Report - http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/89235/june-27-2007/daniel-gilbert


I will check Stumbling on Happiness out. Thanks for the tip!


To June, thanks for including the address for the clip, it was a fun watch :). Wendy, I don't think you're a "Debbie Downer" (a phrase my 15 year old son loves to use). I've read your blog for years now (and met you in Colorado a few years back!) and I think that you have the same humor I have. (oh, and I don't bring double points with me when I travel, I just do the magic loop, because rarely to I even make it out of the driveway before I lose a needle) Knit on!


Welcome back. What a place huh? Good to rejuvenate the soul...doing nothing and toxing. ;-)


Bye Bye Norma!


"I don't go to a resort like this to exercise or philosophise. Rather than detoxing, I prefer to re-tox." I love it!


I went to Sedona last October to visit my daughter who was living there. I like it! We hiked Airport Mesa and I knitted along the way. We took the Pink Jeep tour and I knitted along the way. I also re-toxed with lots of good food and drink, and I knitted in bars. I of course picked up a few crystals that were supposed to protect me from my negative boss once I got home. Sedona is a cool place, I'm glad I went. BTW, my daughter moved to Austin Texas in May... she'd had all the mystic music she could take.


I get Journal Watch. It's a lifesaver! But never, ever would it be taken on vacation...

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

I could vacation with you any day. Let's hear it for retoxing and staying away from the shtick.


Negativity? Oh please!! I love your observations and dry wit. Also the honesty with which you share lifes good and bad moments, it's an encouragement.

Cyndi Minister

LOL Too funny about the old books. My sister swears she won't use an e-book reader because she doesn't want "real" books to die. I picked up a "real" book the other day and thought my wrists were gonna die. Bob with a stick makes me think he's the youngest kid from Malcom in the Middle all grown up *whispers "grown up". Thanks for the post. I always love your insight.

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