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July 18, 2013


Melissa in Oklahoma

The sweater is lovely!


really great sweater and perfect lovely model

Brenda Jones

It is more than lovely, it is beautiful.


You should call the sweater "Girlfriend".

I would take a sharp stick jabbed in my eye before I'd go to any kind of 'public' pool. There should be laws about screaming kids too. My kids learned that screaming was only used to alert the media of danger not because you need to hear your shrill voice coming out of your head. Our neighbors have a pool in their back yard, they also have 7 girls!!! We can't go out our front door without hearing screams from noon until 10:30 at night. One of these days, I may just call the cops..."Someone must be in some kind of danger, can you go check on them?" Yeah, I'm at that age too.


Me too! Cranky. Maybe I've just had enough of summer. Nice to know it's not hormones. =) I love your blog.


my dear, it is not just you, and it is not just hormones, its reality...there is a whole generation of folks, beyond gen X Y that need a reality check and I feel sorry when real life catches up with them, its gonna be tough on those kids I think.


Check out http://www.needlenthread.com/ for embroidery fun, she does a lot of tutorials. Embroidery is where I started out with handcrafts. Have fun!

Sue rhodes

Lovely sweater. LINEARLY sprung to mind.


I think you should call it "Poolside". And I think it's stunning.


Love the sweater, but really love the doc's comment: "It's just that, at your age, you pretty much have had enough." EXACTLY how I feel, without having been able to put it into words.


Love the picture of girlfriend. She pretty much could not be cuter.

I remember when she was wee...I guess I've hit that certain age too. ;-)


Super cute summer sweater. Oh, and by the way, can I use your doctor's answer too!


I'm one of those people who dream of having a community pool. They built a senior center on top of ours. But I'll pass on the screeching children. The sweater look great I agree, Girlfriend would be a good name.

Hilary G.

How about calling it "Pure Vanilla"?


Call it Girlfriend!
She looks so mature and beautiful!
Love this sweater.


Ok I LOVE your doctor!! I am the same way, the dh has been home for 7 months, the kids are home for summer break and we are down to one car. Well tonight the kids went out with my sister and the dh decided to walk walmart. No thank you to either one of those so I got to stay home. All. By. My. Self!!!!!! It was heaven!! So I totally understand where you're coming from. And my sister lived in a development with a community pool. No thank you. Been there, done that and also totally know how irritating that is.

BTW Girlfriend is getting so grown up! That sweater should be swimming on her, and while it is a little big, its not by that much.


Thank God for comely daughters who are willing to model mom's creations.


I love love love the sweater! Perfect for summer! I can't wait to knit it. Oh, and I've had that same conversation with my doc. ;)


Call it Etiquette or Good Manners :)


Omg, you are so funny and so talented. I wish you lived next door.


Beautiful sweater & lovely daughter! Yes, I agree with you & the comments - people are often loud & inconsiderate, and haven't taught their kids to be mindful of others. They are impervious to the "disapproving glare" also!

Seanna Lea

The sweater is pretty cute!

I haven't been at a public pool or beach in ages. I expect that I would probably be highly irritated and fuming rather than even attempting to get parents to try and minimize their children's impact on other people's fun.

Hester  from Atlanta

Summer Fun is my nomination for the name of the sweater. Or Summer Lace or or or . . .
I'm just in need of a vacation. But the sweater is lovely and I've got just the yarn I would like to use when the pattern is ready.

Yes, unruly noisy kids are awful. And if you are in a situation to ask the parents to tell their kids to please be a little quiter, the parents give you a bunch of . . . .

Laughing, giggly, talking loudly is one thing, but screaming and shrieking . . .

To the people with swimming pools in the neighborhood, I bet your city has noice policies. Always good to know what they are and then call the police when its needed. I've done it, when called for. Not often, but once in a while when the occasion has arisen. Don't feel guilty about it, if it was the other way, they would be complaining about you.

Also, it is OK to complain to the people in charge if the community pool is being over run by heathens. You pay for the upkeep of the pool - maybe they could have on the weekends a friends day on Saturday and a family day on Sunday???



Your doctor is a hoot; wish y'all weren't so far away or I'd ask for a referral. Mine is just nutty -- I seriously need to find another, but Dog knows what fun that is. The sweater's wonderful! Call it Peace & Quiet.


I don't know why, but my vote is for "Wisteria."
Hubby and I talk about it all the time. Manners are not taught today. The only thing that matters is a young person's feelings and desires.
That being said, there are so many children that are fighting childhood cancer that would give anything to be playing in that pool.
Reality and priorities. :)

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