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June 10, 2013



I have a scar on my thumb where I did the same. Quilting is a dangerous sport. My sympathies to Girlfriend!


Literally cringing and grabbing a tissue!! Like she were my own child! A big hug and MASSIVE sympathy to yiur preciius girl!


Ouchie!!! Poor girlfriend!! Poor mom!!!


Holy Cow. The ending took a turn in a direction I wasn't expecting! Yikes! I'm glad everything is okay!!!

Princess Di

She really got into her quilt! May she heal quickly! Love the yarn bowl. I love birds. I need this immediately!


OUCH!!!! Have her start using a metal DPN needle, like a size 0 or 1. She can guide the fabric under the feed-dogs with the needle and not have to worry about her fingers.


Holy Cow, Batman, ouch! She must be pretty brave to just be mewing. I'd have been screaming!


Ouch! I've done that, but it was a few months ago and I'm a grown up. Girlfriend was very, very brave.


Ouch ouch ouch! I agree she is a brave girl!


Oh goodness. I did the same thing, except neither my hubby nor I had the guts to pull it out, so off to the ER we went. Where I ended up being the comic relief for the afternoon--everyone wanted to see it. Hugs to your little one (and the rest of you, too)!


Oh as I was reading this I knew where it was headed and yet hoped it wasnt true...... Poor thing.

I had a friend (who was in her teens at the time) do the same thing. Unfortunately her mom had just left to run a quick errand and she was alone in the house with the family plummer. She asked if he could use his pliers to pull out the needle. He passed out and she did it herself.

Women are amazing. Tell Girlfriend she was brave and will have an amazing story to gross ppl out with !!!!


I was sure it was leading up to a yarn bowl giveaway! Got me, ugh! Best wishes on quick healing for the young lady. Ouch.


Been there, did that, not a happy memory at all. In fact I'm having an unpleasant flashback just thinking about it! My sympathy to your little sewer.


Ouch! I'm so sorry for both of you!


Oh oh oh. Oh that just really really really is a misery. Ugh. I would never sew again but i am a massive coward.


I just yelled out loud. Seriously, you keep telling us to look at the pretty pictures and then WHAM! Oh man!
Seems to be the time for doctors visits though. My daughter was pushed off the slides and we spent a lovely relaxing (NOT) afternoon in the waiting room of a surgeon... (the cut on her chin got glued but I'm not sure it stayed glued together. Whatever. We're NOT going back, if she wants to hide that scar she can grow a beard. HA!)


Oh, Girlfriend. So sorry. Hope it heals soon.


Ouch!! Hope it stops hurting soon.


OMG! Glad to hear she's made it through! My Dan made me a couple of yarn bowls in high school pottery, I treasure them...but don't necessarily use them...consideration for the day. :-)

Cambria Washington

Holy Cow!! I'm having trouble breathing just thinking about it. Way to keep a clear head.


Ow! I have sons; the younger one was tying flies and the older one managed to get a salmon hook into his chest. (I wasn't home so Dad dealt with the ER). Still makes me shudder!


I have done that too! I was by myself and my stomach still churns remembering having to get that thing out of my finger! I still sew, but I have to say I am very careful about my finger placement these days. You don't soon forget that experience!


I saw that happen to someone when I was taking a sewing class at the age of 12......I quit sewing after that...:(


You have a tough little cookie. I'd have been screaming at the top of my lungs for sure. She deserves a badge of honor for that one!


OUCH! Poooooor baby. =( I got to be 42 years old before I sewed into my finger and it was just the tip so I didn't have to extricate the needle. She deserves lots of ice cream (and you too for having to deal with it too). WAH!

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