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June 26, 2013



I really like the short sleeves but I am thinking you should probably do both! :)


I vote for the short sleeves. And I am also a big fan of Silky Wool.


I'm probably not going to be very helpful
but it seems to really look good with short sleeves, but it looks good with long sleeves too. Maybe make this one with short sleeves and then you'll always have an excuse to knit something else!! lol.
Happy knitting.
Cheers, Anita.


I think I'm going to go ahead and finish it and offer it both ways. I just KNOW that people will ask for a long sleeve version. It always, always happens.


one. brave. girl. And the pattern seems great both ways so ya may as well write it up--you know you'll get requests for whatever you don't do!


I vote leave it the way it is and photograph both sides so you don't have to knit another one. Then rip out the long sleeve to wear it. Or do a funky one long, one short look!

Katrina West

I think both versions look great. I think you'll thank yourself later if you knit up both versions.


I really like the sweater, and if making it for me, I would make it with 3/4 length sleeves. Of course, having read your book, I would figure it out for myself, as you taught me.

Princess Di

You need both, of course. I need to get me a Hello Kitty sewing machine.


LOVE this and both sleeve options. I'm in the Pacific NW so even in summer a bit of a sleeve can be nice. Looking forward to the pattern!


You mean people can't just knit the sleeves to the length that THEY want if you offer a short sleeved version?? Or leave the sleeves off entirely? Come on, people!

Seanna Lea

Most people seem to want multiple sleeve lengths. I tend to just buy sweater patterns in the length I'm interested in. Most of the time that is long, but a short sleeve cardigan isn't always very handy.


Anne, you'd be surprised at some of the questions I get!


Hey! I recognize that fabric (Glamping) that Girlfriend is sewing with. She has good taste. :o)

And good for her, for "getting back up on that horse," or in this case, back in front of the sewing machine. Maybe she needs a DPN to use as a fabric holder/pusher/guide/stiletto. That's what I use so that I will not accidentally pierce my finger.


Good for her for getting back to sewing again. I did that in college while working on my senior project for fashion design class. Ran across campus to the infirmiry sobbing with a needle sticking out of my finger. You have a brave little girl. :)


When I'm confused over whether to go long or short, I make it for my eldest:


The sweater is beautiful! I agree on the short sleeves - they just look "right" on this one. Which is odd, because I normally do not wear anything with short sleeves b/c it's like an arctic tundra at work.... Very excited to hear that Girlfriend is back at it again.


Way to go Girlfriend! I know your fo will rock!

Wendy, love the sweater!


Another one saying the short sleeves!


I like the short sleeves too!

Megan Doreen

Make it with long sleeves or short sleeves. Whichever floats your boat. Either way I will need to acquire it. (And then I can make the sleeves whatever length I decide I like.)




Well, guess what? I'm blocking it and wouldn't you know, I ended up making two different sleeve lengths. . . but not on purpose.

Now I have a 3/4 and full sleeve.

Sad Trombone.


I want to make this sweater - love it!

I'm a 3/4 sleeve person (stupid "bat wings")
or long sleeves for the colder months.
I like having options, and thanks to your 'Custom Knits' book, I know I can make adjustments to just about any pattern and get the sleeves I need.

Annette Tice

Love this pattern! I like the idea of 3/4 length myself. But not a big deal to make short sleeves if that's your preference. BTW Love your blog and patterns :) Glad Girlfriend is better and back at her project.

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