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May 31, 2013



If he folds up the slouch you could always tell him it's too keep his ears extra warm!

Rebekah Dwyer

I did this exact same thing this week but with a cardigan. Uuuurrrrggghh. At least it's not just me...


Hats are becoming my "socks" so thanks for the tip! It looks great anyway!


He will be the hippest dad in the stadium! Go Broncos!


Superwash is tricksy that way!
Beautiful colors. I hope your dad wears that hat with pride :)


Can you toss it in the dryer? That's what I usually end up doing with superwash wool projects.


I think that hat is lovely. Hopefully your dad is a good sport and wears it, slouchy knit hats are quite stylish at the moment! Everyone seems to have them. I also find that color combo way less grating than the current Broncos colors. Very nice :)

Katrina West

I like the colours too, especially the red!


That's a nice hat and I like the colors (Even though they're Broncos colors ;)).

Gypsy Wools

The hat looks great! I'm sure your dad will love it just the way it is :)

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