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May 17, 2013


Meredith MC

Aw- happens to me all the time. My favorite pair of socks features one that's a little bigger- enough that I notice it but not so much that i care. They are Gorgeous socks!
Your mitts are really cute- luckily mitts knit up fast, even the third one of a pair.


A friend of mine once discovered she'd knit a second back to her cardigan in a slightly smaller size than the first and the put the sleeve shaping on the top - we provided biscuits and tried very hard not to laugh while she ripped back!


Oh I just hate when that happens! Makes it even worse when I CAN'T blame it on a cocktail. It's more fun with a cocktail.

Seanna Lea

They are super bright and colorful, so hopefully that will make redoing the left mitt a bit easier to swallow.

Most of my biggest mistakes are frogged and then completely forgotten about. However, I did have a top I made out of a scratchy wool (it was supposed to be a t-shirt), and then I decided it was boring and dip dyed it with Koolaid. It was not an improvement. But I didn't rip. I just threw out all of the pieces (years after I was done).

Kathode Ray Tube

I've done that with socks so many times. I fail to write down and check (checking is good!) to make sure I've got the right number of stitches for each one and.....epic fail. Oh well. They process of knitting is about the ripping out and redoing. And then the wine.


Oh well. Stuff happens, right? :) I'm looking forward to your pattern for these! I've been watching for a sock weight knitted mitten pattern. So not tooooo much wine, 'k? LOL


I finished a pair of socks for my DH, one of which was a little bit larger than the other. Well, the little bit was just enough so it is baggy on him, so NOW he want me to rip it back and make another one. I have no idea what needles I used or why it turned out bigger. Needless to say I am procrastinating.

Toni in Florida

If it weren't for two-at-a-time knitting, my mitts and (rare) socks wouldn't match each other at all. Or, should SMS/SSS hit, the pair might never get completed. Period. I truly admire those of you who manage to do one-at-a-time knitting of paired items.


I realized that I had knitted two right fronts of a sweater. The air turned blue as I cursed violently while ripping it back to before the neckline shaping. My non-knitter friend said, Watch the language! between peals of laughter. I threatened to stab her with my needle. Couldn't blame that one on a cocktail, either!

Princess Di

Love that comment. May you handle your defeats with grace. well said.

Gypsy Wools

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Tiffany DeOs

Perhaps the mistake is because you didn't have a cocktail? ;)

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