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May 20, 2013



Hasn't that teacher ever heard of editing? Who says it has to be clear and "right" as soon as the words hit the paper?
More kids should have the freedom to be like Girlfriend. She's lucky to have a parent like you who "gets" her.
And thanks for the recipe.

Judi Gray

I was looking for the like button :)


My youngest son is almost 15, and wears tie-dye shirts (made in camp years ago by his siblings) all the time. As soon as I wash them, he wears them. A benefit is that they don't show stains! So keep rocking the tie-dye!!!


Truly enjoyed the post today, how nice of her teacher to be so supportive and encouraging! The glove pattern is going to be such fun, thanks for sharing it with us!

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

My son has always been obsessed with sports. The director of his touchy-feely, no-competition-allowed elementary school declared this to be a bad thing and "ordered" us to take him out of sports and put him into Boy Scouts. We changed schools. My son always found the sports angle to any course he took. Brazilian history?-He did his paper on soccer in Brazil. Now he's a sports writer! So glad we didn't follow the advice of the so-called "experts." Let them follow their dreams and some version of the dream will come true.


Disorganized writing at ten is no big. Just keep an eye on it for when she starts having to do bigger papers.

My son is a charming, yet disorganized, writer. He started struggling in middle school, when he couldn't get by on being cute and clever anymore. He started to hate writing, and put off any assignment that required it.

We sat down and I taught him how to organize a paper in advance with an outline. I taught him about vomit drafts. I showed him how to use index cards to organize ideas. In short, I gave him tools.

He tried them out and decided he liked outlining the best. He couldn't get behind vomit drafts (all that writing! Wasted!), and index cards were too fiddly. Now, he enjoys writing again.


I love the fingerless gloves, and I'm so glad Girlfriend's teacher gets her!


She is using index cards now and I'm helping her organize her thoughts.

She'd rather write poems, but oh well!

Dora Sislian Themelis

That's what my geometry teacher told my own mother many, many years ago. I survived that teacher, too. Thank goodness for art.


I am a teacher.... The number one thing I tell parents is that I don't want to change their child. I want to help them become the person they are meant to be, and I want to help them to see everything that is open to them in the world. *Pigeon-holing* everyone and everything is so very wrong....


Parents pigeon-hole, too. I have a neighbor who constantly tut-tuts me because I haven't forced Girlfriend to continue soccer (she played one season). She thinks that ALL children should play at least one sport. She has her son in three and he hates all of them and is not good at it and what does she do? Gets him special trainers! Poor kid.


That's some stunning yarn, totally suited to the mah-velous model. I'd want to teach her to tie-dye; maybe she'd write about it after? Our DD didn't care to read anything, until we started letting her have some comic books -- now she reads voraciously, in spite of her far-sightedness.


Funny all the 'shoulds' people apply to children.
I'm in one of those areas where 6 month babies are enrolled in several different activities, and the mothers used to suck in their breaths and be all concerned about my son.
Six years later, he has no interest in extra-curricular activities, but is one of the few boys happy to be going to school. So I let him be. He will be in my life a lot longer than those who are 'concerned'.

But for all that, I am hoping the index cards work well. It can be so hard, knowing when to guide, when to stand back, and finding the strategy that is right for your child. Good luck!

And I love the mittens!


Girlfriend actually tie-dyed that herself!


OMG! All the shoulds and timelines drive me crazy. My oldest did not go to preschool and I remember when the pediatrician found that out she asked my daughter at 4 years old if she knew her ABC's. As if that was more important than being home with her mother or as if I wasn't capable of teaching her. Well she's now a aerospace engineer. I thought about sending that pediatrician an announcement when she graduated from MIT.


I totally agree with you!!! If I've learned anything in life, life changes. As long as you do your best (even if the best for the day is to get up and pee before you go back to bed), it's going to be ok. I dont like the lists and timetables and measurements. My goals for my kids? I want them happy. They dont need to be rich or live in a big house or drive a fancy car. I want them happy. Everything else works its way out in the end.

LOVE your fingerless mitts!

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