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April 02, 2013


Katie Lynn

I, too, hate myself for going to the Store That Shall Not Be Named. It is never a good experience.

I always hear about these yarn crawls, but they're never near me. I feel like this is something I would greatly enjoy.

Cathy D

What a cool idea. Sadly where I live a yarn crawl would take all day and we could only hit, 2-3 shops maybe then it would have been least 8 hours of drive time. Sigh... so I would love to live vicariously and win a tote!

Sherry Coleman

Sadly, my LYS is closing (owners retiring) and I might be forced to go to The Store that Shall not be Named. :(


I am so jealous of the yarn crawl - it sounds like such fun!

Jill B.

Thanks for the giveaway. I'm going to try to hit a few stores for the crawl this year...


I go into the store that shall not be named about once every 2 or three years, and every time I swear it will be the last time I shop there. Colorado had their first yarn crawl this past spring, it was great fun...even tho I only went to half a dozen shops (most of which I'd never been to, and I've found some great new to me favorites!!)


I've been on Seattle/Tacoma area Yarn Crawls - 2 held each year. Also on a Seattle to Portland Yarn Train where we visited a number of Portland LYS's and back home the same day. The fun of being with your knitting buddies and seeing each store's yarn, where the stores usually gave you a free pattern and had goodies to eat or drink, can't be beat!!!!
I tend to only go to the store that shall not be named after I have tried everywhere else first and can't find online what I want!


I have gone on my local yarn crawl a few times. It is so much fun and puts quite a dent in the credit card:)


Since I live in the wilderness, and I have goats and children and ducks to take care of, I can't go anywhere right now. I would, however, be pleased as punch to win a tote to hold my knitting projects, of which I have several at the moment...


I need an LA Yarn Crawl bag!! I can use it to hold all my Seattle project bags...they may (or may not) all fit in there (more likely not!)

we have a great LYS Tour up where I live ~ 4 days & 20+ shops ~ it's a little insane


I would love a LA yarn crawl bag! Looking forward to the midIowa yarn crawl later this month!


L.A. Yarn Crawl Bag...sounds awesome! Our yarn crawl here in Central Texas (think Austin and San Antonio) isn't until October. L.A. is one of my favorite places to visit. It's been too long.


I keep hearing about this Yarn Crawl . . . better get it on my calendar!


Holy moly, thats a lot of shops! I go on a quilt shop hop in Kansas that is usually around 12 shops - this fall will be the 15th year I think. I've never been on a yarn crawl. They have one in the same area as the quilt shop hop, but it's the following weekend, and since that means a 3+ hour drive for me to get there, plus 2+ days away from my husband and kids, I've never gone. If I lived in your area, I'd definitely go on this one!
And I also dread going into the store that shall not be named. I kick myself everytime I end up in one of their lines!


A yarn crawl sounds perfect! I am lucky to have two great LYS's an hour away but no crawls around here yet. I would be proud to tote an L.A. Tote!


I don't think I'll make the yarn crawl, but I'd love to win a tote bag!


I don't think I'll actually make the crawl, but I'm going to try to make it to the one shop closest to me.


I live too far away to be able to come, and have never heard of that store, but I can relate to the feeling anyway. Love to read your blog! (I have been for many years, but I don't think I've ever left a comment before.)


A yarn crawl sounds fabulously fun! It might be worth getting a group of yarny friends together and make a weekend of it.


The Store that Shall not be Named had it's place, but, no shopping there is never fun, just a question of necessity. I thought about going up to the Portland yarn crawl last month, but didn't make it. LA is too far to contemplate, but a tote bag would be fun!


Ooh, I'd love to be in to win! I just stumbled across your blog whilst visiting a friends and seeing it in her fave blogs bar! I'll have to pop back again!


oooh, my neverending love for totebags continues!


Have fun at the yarn crawl!


I am going to try to participate in a yarn crawl in CT this yr where I live! Been dying to do that and I would love to win a tote bag. Can never have too many knitting bags!

Kathleen R

I love yarn crawls! Thanks for the giveaway!

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