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February 13, 2013



Besides having the carpal tunnel thing, I also caused myself to have a bulging disc in my neck from knitting. Acupuncture took care of that for me. Good luck with your injuries.


Who'd have though knitting was so dangerous! Thank you both for all the top tips.


Thank you so much for posting all of that information. How very generous of both of you. My hands, arms, neck, and back thank you!

Seanna Lea

I do most of those exercises naturally as part of my normal routine, though the reminder about the second hand exercise was much appreciated. I always forget that one, because it feels more like work and less like stretching than the others.


What a wonderful public service you have both presented to us. Thank you so much. My 20- something daughter also cannot run any longer and she also misses it very much. Bodies have a way of betraying us sometimes, don't they? Luckily there are other things we can learn to enjoy. Although it sometimes takes a while to discover them! BTW, I am so glad we can look forward to a new book from you. Please tell us more!

Jen D

What a great article. Thanks for hosting it and thank you Lindsay for sharing. I will knit for hours at a time on the weekends and I have terrible posture. This is a good reminder why I need to keep working on it and remember to take breaks!


Woah! That's not very much yarn left!! Talk about injury-that could've caused a heart attack!


Thank you...both of you...for all of this information! That's what I call paying it forward! Bless you both!

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