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February 04, 2013



I've developed a trigger finger on my left hand and I have a sore middle finger on my right hand. I had the right hand xrayed and I don't have arthritis. The doctor told me to take 2 aleve twice a day for 5 days. I didn't. I didn't seem like the right answer.

Sometimes I put half an emery board with surgical take around my trigger finger so when I knit it doesn't bend. Also not the right answer.

So is there a cure for trigger finger?



Thank you for the reminder! I often forget to move when knitting a long time. My question is: what is the best way to loosen up those stiff hand muscles after knitting for a long time? (I'm working on a sweater and am obsessed with finishing quickly!)


I broke my tailbone a few years back. Since then I have the worst trouble sitting straight. Since I tend to knit for hours at a time, is there an alternative posture I should try?

Thanks for the question option on this one! I found the whole article really helpful.


I am wondering if there are any exercises that help with sore thumbs. Using the computer and ipad, and also knitting seems to aggravate it. Thank you.

Beverly Shaw

I spend every day at the computer at work then come home to knit. Somedays my neck and shoulder are stiff. It almost feels as if my head is too heavy. What can I do to relieve this issue?


My fingers get sore after knitting with bulky yarn, especially cable work, after a few hours. Are there any good exercises that strengthen your fingers to help prepare for all the Christmas knitting?


Such great advice. Thank you Wendy, thank you Lindsay. Mom always says posture is important.


And a question for Lindsay - what are you knitting now? :)


I have two kinds of arthritis in my fingers, and wrists (and other non-knitting places) and wonder if there are specific remedies other than the pharma prescribed by my rheumatologist?


Are there any specific exercises that can help with knitters elbow?


I have arthritis in my right thumb (arthritis and bone spurs), I knit continental so most of the movement when I knit is in my left hand, but sometimes my wrists and lower arms get very sore and achy...can this be the beginnings of carpal tunnel from the knitting? And do all of those special gloves you see for needle work help?


I had the exact same symptoms as you--tingling in fingers, absolutely dead arm at night that hurt when I would try to wake it up. I was ultimately diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome by a neurologist, who I was referred to by an orthopedist who specializes in hands. Because the nerve damage was not too bad, I was able to have the super-simple carpal tunnel surgery where they just snip the carpal tunnel that the nerve goes through open. My symptoms were gone completely and have not come back! That was around eight years ago. My problem stemmed from overuse--biking, gardening, knitting, keyboarding, etc.--and a smallish carpal tunnel. Check that out!


I try to avoid all the neck and back pain caused by knitting too long in a seated position by knitting while standing. However, I've discovered my lower back starts to hurt after awhile. Is my standing solution not really a solution? Is there something I can do to keep my lower back from hurting?

Also, my neck "kills" after a while of knitting, presumably from all the looking down. Are there neck strengthening exercises I can do (along with the frequent break taking that is recommended) to help with the pain?

(And here is where I admit that I'm only 31 and playing too hard when I was young makes even something as low impact as knitting painful!)

Shelly D.

My neck muscles just start aching terribly after about an hour of knitting; right at the base of my skull where the neck and head meet. Are there some exercises or stretching that would help?


Sitting for a long period of time knitting can be stressful on the body in general, not just hands, neck, shoulders and back. So, what are some of the best strengthen and stretching excercises for the whole body?


Thank you for the tips in how to sit correctly! I had surgery on one of my shoulders and now the muscels on this side are weaker. Is it a good idea to use a pillow as support under this arm or is this going to emphasize my o e-sided weakness?

Julia C

I am very short (4'11") and it is hard to find chairs where I can sit fully back on the seat and still have my feet flat on the floor. For years I have maintained the habit of sitting cross-legged, or "Indian Style", in my computer chair or on the couch.

I know that sitting in the same position for an extended period of time is bad for your joints, regardless of what position it is, but can sitting cross-legged cause additional wear/pain in my knee joints?


My question is whether there are any methods that are better for you ergonomically; eg is continental better than English or should we just mix it up?


My shoulders get very tense when I knit for a while. What can I do to avoid this? (They are generally quite tense, but it gets worse if I knit a lot)


What exercises at the gym will prevent the kinds of injuries everyone seems to get from knitting?
What yoga positions strengthen these injury prone area?
What yoga positions relieve the spasms, tightness in these areas?


i salute you wendy & lindsay! such important information here. i don't have a question - i can only reinforce what lindsay's saying. i certainly wouldn't be able to knit as much as i do (which probably isn't half as much as wendy knits) if i didn't do yoga and pnf (a form of physio). as i teach these in my own studio, i can't get out of doing the exercises! interestingly, half of the ladies from my s'n'b group come to my classes, possibly for the same reason (or maybe i preached them into coming...)


I've also read that wearing a wrist brace while sleeping can help with carpal tunnel type symptoms (forces things into proper alignment) - so I do that. Especially useful as I tend to clench my fists while I sleep.


Are there any stretching movements or gymnastics for fingers, hands and wrists one can do in the knitting breaks?


I have sciatica. Sitting for long periods hurts. I do get up to stretch,but someone told me to sit on a tennis on the side that hurts. It does help, but I think I might be adding more to the injury because when you stand up, ouch!


I do not have any problem at the moment but I would like to ask if there is some kind of gym or stretching that you can actually perform WHILE you are knitting.
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