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January 23, 2013



Nice. Completely awesome in every way.......now I will have to make some hats. :)


That's the beauty of hats ... they can really accent a great stitch pattern and yours is lovely!

Seanna Lea

I've been using that honeycomb pattern (or something very similar) in a flat pattern for a baby blanket. It looks terrific as a hat, though I admit that I might have honeycomb fatigue by the time I finish the blanket.


sweet the honey comb has arrived


I liked this hat a lot- or should I say like ;-)

It's cute and creative- just the type of thing I like. Whenever I see things like this it's always on someone else and when I ask the where they got it it's always somewhere exotic.

The closest made for me gift I have like that is probably something to go on my furniture. Among my friends and family only one person knits adult gear. Knitting is often reserved for children's clothes. They also crochet. That's one of the most popular needle arts and they use it to do all kinds of fun stuff.

So, I'm used to seeing beautiful crocheted work.


I absolutely love this hat. I've been stalking your blog, waiting for the pattern to turn up! This may be one that I actually have to buy (let's ignore the pages and pages of patterns I already own in my Ravelry queue - they can wait!). :)

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