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January 14, 2013



Even though you lost the light, those pictures are great! As is the hat :)

Rhea G

Oh my gosh! What an absolutely beautiful girl of which I have two. There's nothing like daughters or I'm sure the same can be said of sons. These photos make me wish I could have some do overs with my two daughters. Treasure her.



True for showing details on the hat, then you lost the lighting. However, for "people" shots I feel that right before sunrise and after sunset there's a magic moment of light. Which in my opinion was caught. Very good pictures of you and girlfriend


Light or no light these are gorgeous pictures. And I know what you mean about being frustrated by using the back garden again and again; ours is very shady and there's about a 10 minute window for good pictures!

Seanna Lea

The tree is gorgeous and even if you lost the light for clear knitting pictures, the photos are wonderful for their non-knitting qualities.


Wow, you too are always gorgeous. Haven't seen you in person in years now, but you look fantastic as always. (Makes me wish I also had a personal photographer, lol, but you make it look easy!)


I remember you, Michelle! Thanks for the compliment!


It's all just perfect! :-)


You both are SO beautiful. For real.

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it was really amazing work! very nice photography, specially last one under the tree :)

the Knitting Sailor

Fabulous hat - can't wait for the pattern!


So pretty! Excited for the pattern! And these pictures rock. I wish I could get such a good picture in the best of conditions.


too funny! I was looking at that hill and thinking it looks like the state park behind newbury park. My in-laws live right there and we took our wedding pics in that spot. Love the blog!

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

My goodness - I know that tree. My parents used to live on Shadycreek Drive near the elementary school, and we used walk/run up Kanan to your tree.

BTW, I only learned that my dad (who used to have the trees on his property cut down when they got too big) was responsible for saving some of the big oak trees along the creek. As my mom tells it, when the city planted grass by the creek and started watering it, the oaks started to die from overwatering until my dad spearheaded the effort to get the city to adjust its irrigation efforts.


Gina and Jen: I just knew that if I pointed it out some of the readers here would recognize it! I hope they never develop that land and chop down that tree (but then again, in this town, it takes a lot to get permission to cut down a tree).


Beautiful photos, lovely models, cute hats, and it's all well lit to boot!


I know how you feel, but it's a little different here. Outside pictures are the best, but it's -3 here today and feels like -23. So I usually end up taking quite a picture hiatus in the winter.
By the way, I love the pics. Even though you didn't get what you wanted. The last picture with the tree is beautiful.

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