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November 27, 2012



That two-tone look is great! I love pompoms.


Love your color selection! Now how about a scarf with dangling pompoms on each end?


There's one in my third book, Custom Knits Accessories!


I really like the use of two colors in the pom pom. I don't know that I've seen that done before.

And that hat looks so cozy. Despite the fact that I both knit and crochet I am somehow in dire need of winter wear. Looks like I need to step up my game!

Renee Anne

I *hate* poms. I know how to make them but no matter what I do or how tight I tie the string, they come apart. That annoys me. Especially with toys. I love when they look how they're supposed to look but they're just not my friends.


Maybe look at the links? It really comes to tying the string right enough to hold it all together. That's really what it is. . .

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I love pompoms too,they are cute and soft

Princess Di

POMPOM love fest here!!


Now THAT is a helluva pompom! Love it and the hat is pretty darn cute as well!


sad trombone? in case you need it: http://www.sadtrombone.com/


Oh man - don't use the cardboard rings! Use a strip of paperboard. I like a 1/2" x 9" or so for a 2" diameter pompom. Tape a length of yarn onto the strip, then wind the yarn around both until you get a nice fat bunch on there. I always end up using too little the first time around. Slide the cardboard out, if you wound it really tight you might have to fold it in half length-wise. Pull your center string tight and cut all the loops, then pull it tighter and tie it off, trim it up, and done. Sure beats going through the middle of a donut shape!
LOVE pompoms! :) Thanks for the reminder - gotta go make some.


oh my goodness! what a delightfully joyous pom pom! that hat is going to be just precious. I can't wait to see an action shot!

Seanna Lea

I love pompoms even if I had to make two for a hat for my husband. Unfortunately cats love pompoms too!


Honey, if you can rock a bonnet, you can rock a Pom Pom!


I'm sure I should have a pom pom maker...

or three.....

thanks for sharing the link...

how's your daughter's arm???
hopefully cast free by Christmas....
happy holidays


Girlfriend's cast comes off next Thursday! Just in time for her to fall in the snow when we're visiting grandparents in Colorado for Christmas!

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