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November 02, 2012



I'm liking it already!

Kieren Bloodblade Elven Female

Oooo, I love those colors together! And the stitch pattern, too! I've gotta teach myself more... And I really wanna try those needles now.


I have these needles not in circular but double pointed and I really liked them. Didn't notice that they were not the usual round needle and crazy as it may sound I liked the rich coloured wood of the needles.


Good luck coming up with the new stitch pattern on the fly! And I keep meaning to try the square needles. I think the fact that I hold mine so tightly is why I've broken quite a few circular needles along the join, and why my knit picks interchangeables are always coming unscrewed. Plus, my hands end up hurting after a while. Maybe using these would be better!


Hey there, I just stopped by to say you won the Liebster Award, check out my post on it: http://mygurumi.blogspot.de/2012/11/mein-liebster.html


this is very intriguing.. I do like the colors, also.


The color combination is really nice Wendy!

Marti Strong

Sorry you were unwell. Missed your blog for all those days. Knit on. I'm looking forward to see how this circular object develops.

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Love these colors!

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