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September 14, 2012



We have a salt-water fish tank and various fish have expired for various reasons but one did just "vanish." We've never figured it out either. I thought for months that he died and the other fish ate him, but that didn't really fully explain away the situation.

May your tank of doom see happier days!


Happy birthday to Girlfriend! I'm with her on the birthday thing...I love 'em! And I love the new beret! Gorgeous!

Today I caught our cat in our empty hospital aquarium on the kitchen counter. With our resident monarch butterfly in his mouth. Ugh.


I know that fish eat other fish, but this happened within about a two-hour span. I saw him and then, whoosh. He was gone.


Happy Birthday Girlfriend!


My son had a fish tank when he was about 10 to 13 years old. (He's 33 now!) A little crab got out one time and we didn't find it for ages. I finally found it in one of my shoes - dead. Other fish were always throwing themselves out of the tank - was so glad when we could put it away for good.

Happy Birthday to your daughter!


Happy Birthday to Girlfriend (we've talked before, and I believe that she's caught up again to my girl child :) ). We don't have a clump of birthdays, we have one a month April, May, June, August and October...crazy most of the year it's "almost someone's birthday".

We had oscar fish Oscar and Meyer, they used to jump from the tank and we had to keep a brick on top. Amazing to think you can lose something that lives in a tank and yet they still manage to escape!

Katrina West

Happy birthday Girlfriend! :) She looks très chic in that béret!


goodness, fish tanks are horror movies. truly.


Happy Belated Birthday to your little one! I'm also not a big birthday fan, but my daughter LOVES hers. So, I do my best to celebrate hers as big as possible and not disappoint her when I keep mine low key.


Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. I'm not a birthday fan either. Mine quickly approaches, and in my small family it marks the beginning of a steady trickle of birthdays until April. I guess April is our month--mom, and two sisters-in-law.
Anyway, I do like the colors in that chapeau. Very pretty.
Is (was) that frog white? My old boss had a freshwater tank with these albino frogs that just hung in the water with arms and fingers splayed, and eyes bugged out. Gave me the willies. I never saw them move.

Seanna Lea

Your story about the fish tank is making me seriously reconsider the idea of ever getting one. It's not like I was planning to get one soon, but I love watching fish. The idea of having surprise fish on the floor is daunting!


Godot was a dark green color and he would go in the cave and hang in there with his arms splayed and star at me. Ugh.

I think, once you have tackled all the newbie issues when it comes to a tank, it becomes more fun. There's a lot of trial and error and lessons learned.

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September birthdays are no mystery. Blame New Year's Eve.


The clump of birthdays means we get fertile around the same time of year. In our extended family we have several Aug. & Oct. birthdays. I do love birthdays - mine & everyone else's!
PS I thought only octopuses escaped their tanks...I guess none of those critters liked being trapped & wanted to be free...

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